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    Swindon (Away) Match Thread

    Just wondering as live near cirencester if Swindon alow walk ins
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    Old Joe Cole

    To the tune of spandul ballet's gold ,Joe Cole always can score a goal Joe Cole
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    You don't know what you're missing!

    Ok done it can't make the shrews game though so gonna booked three tickets for the Blackpool game , let's hope this catches on pusb
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    You don't know what you're missing!

    Ummmmmm still arhhhhhhhhhhhing
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    How many of our fans are based in Coventry?

    Ilmington , large support here , prizes for anyone if u know were we r PUSB
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    Latest Preston crowd estimate

    Mate of mine refuses to go in till they reinstate the wooden terrace on the spion kop , says it all .PUSB
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    Arsenal fans = Class act

    Remember having a running battle with a few of them up the gulson rd 1 year, still fair play to them ;-)
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    More crackpot protest suggestions

    On 35:mins I can guarantee I shall be having a piss,
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    man u v sunderland

    U couldn't tell that they didn't wanna go to Wembley could u
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    Clarke has Chinese connections

    And I think his name is How High, yep How High is a Chinese man
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    Clarke has Chinese connections

    Just that a steward from wolves told me Clarke's half brother is Chinese , but don't bet on it
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    More than 12 years ago agreed, my personal opinion it was when Richardson got his grubby hands on our club, as soon as those artists impressions were in the match programs of a retractable pitch and a closing roof, Richardson hold your head in shame you greedy ###t
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    Steven Pressley

    My wife really looked at me very strange when I started singing there's only one Steven pressley at the tv yesterday, the most passionate we have had for years, the manager not the misses.
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    any one remember cornflakes from Leamington

    The early 80s , I wonder if u know Tony slatter
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    any one remember cornflakes from Leamington

    He had one hell of a lisp and spat every where with it
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    fa cup

    Hartlepool, yes get in
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    fa cup

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    home for Xmas

    My little boys have just asked if they can watch cov at the Ricoh for there Xmas pressi, if u see this joy n Tim ******* do ****** something ur breaking people's hearts here
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    Bradford Game on at the Ricoh?

    Home for Xmas , god willing , come on Santa do ur stuff