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  1. WillieStanley

    New kit announced in the coming days

    I've got to say, the new Charlton Nike kit in Sky Blue. It wouldn't matter how much it cost, I would make it mine. Using the shield from the white kit with a colour badge too. Practically the early 90s kit from the season before we went sky blue and Navy stripes.
  2. WillieStanley

    breaking bad

    The BB story telling reminds me of Toy Dolls doing Nellie The Elephant. You get a few episodes of ooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Then glorious unleash of tension!
  3. WillieStanley

    breaking bad

    One of the finest things I've ever watched. TV has just been awesome the past few years. Has anyone been watching House Of Cards on Netflix? It's amazing!! The original is on Netflix too so I think I'll watch that after. Anyone seen that?
  4. WillieStanley

    Some of our fans dont have a clue

    Whatever happened to Haynes. At the beginning of the season he looked like such a bright prospect, right up until, I seem to remember Mr Pressley saying something like "I'm not making any comparisons, but Gareth Bale started in his position". All went south from there!!
  5. WillieStanley

    Young City Fans

    The thing is, during the 90s and 00s there was a combination of violence being controlled better and there was more social mobility. Over the past four years, social mobility has been on the decline and services, including the police have had resources reduced and demands increased. There was...
  6. WillieStanley

    Has anyone got any updates from the SBT meeting tonight?

    I was flicking through and for some reason it jumped out, my offence and fingers took control!
  7. WillieStanley

    Has anyone got any updates from the SBT meeting tonight?

    Agreed. My post wasn't intended to condone those actions, just oppose the classist naive opinion it it was in reply to.
  8. WillieStanley

    Has anyone got any updates from the SBT meeting tonight?

    What the hell kind of shitty comment is that? Jealousy of landlords? What planet are you on? A planet where all people with property are fine upstanding citizens who are simp winning at capitalism while providing an excellent service for the poor ungrateful underclass who should be happy with...
  9. WillieStanley

    A Little Lift...

    Cheers man!
  10. WillieStanley

    A Little Lift...

    Evening! As some of you know, one of my daughters biggest passions is football and CCFC, this being her second (not consecutive) season as a season ticket holder. Her other passion is music. We got her her first guitar last weekend and she instantly wanted to make a video of her favourite...
  11. WillieStanley

    Soccer am

    Good stuff!
  12. WillieStanley

    Soccer am

    You're a funny guy!
  13. WillieStanley

    nouble and johnson

    Give over!
  14. WillieStanley

    Anyone now thinking of jacking the whole thing in?

    Honestly... I'm still so grateful to be able to go. You don't know what you've got until it's gone. I don't expect Premier League football while we're playing in League 1. We have a team full of League 1 players. I've been to some school matches and I suspect those there that are screaming at...
  15. WillieStanley

    Ched Evans

    I'm sorry, Vic but that simply isn't true. The low conviction rate is down to the lack of sensitivity and empathy shown by the police upon reporting it. A culture of victim blaming (in the case of sex workers and intoxicated especially), hideous interview processes and a complete discount of...
  16. WillieStanley

    Football Manager

    I have no idea what to do!! I'm in and around the relegation zone of the Champ but thats thanks to Mr Admin!!
  17. WillieStanley

    Football Manager

    Does anyone else have issues with attendance when they get Cov back to the Ricoh... I mean serious issues. I can barely get past 2k in the Champ which keeps sending me into administration!! I'm in my 4th season, yoyoing all the way with -10 points and a blitz sale of players each season!!
  18. WillieStanley

    Was this "Decision" a surprise?

    It was a surprise to me. None of it makes sense. The haste of it, the unanimous decision, the sheer negligence of two sporting institutes in Coventry, one of which has been painstakingly rebuilt as a labour of love, with the other only having recently returned to the City after campaign after...
  19. WillieStanley

    20 mins to get in the ground.

    Have you seen the things he's written about SISU in the past? Plant? If you were to accuse RFC of being a plant for anyone, it would be ACL... But I would do no such thing!! Perhaps he's just an objective bloke on a football forum?
  20. WillieStanley

    16,000 where were you?

    We always knew we wouldn't match Fridays crowd. 11k is a bit low though. There are factors, I get that but it seems as though it's all: "Bring us back, bring us back... oh wait, you actually did that... sorry, I'm busy and it's a hassle to get a ticket..." For those who went on Friday but not...