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  1. olderskyblue

    Man Utd / De Gea

    I wonder what Ferguson’s reaction to de gea would have been? to go down, facing away from play, when you’re the last man is really stupid. I still think he thought it was a foul so tried to milk it. Didn’t realise it was his own team mate.
  2. olderskyblue

    Premier league 21 / 22 thread

    Did he? Or did he think it was an Arsenal player clipped him, so dropped like a brick?
  3. olderskyblue

    Oh Lord - RIP John Sillett

    Sad day, but what memories we have of him. RIP JS
  4. olderskyblue

    Caption Competition: Bournemouth (A)

    Looks like Godden’s kicking him in the nuts 🤣
  5. olderskyblue

    Id drop Gyok

    It’s clearly a ”Max” thing with you isn’t it? ;)
  6. olderskyblue

    New Job Doubts

    I started a new job in the 80’s, HQ was in London, and within days went to their Christmas party, probably about 150 people there. Felt like an interloper, as people migrated to their friends, colleagues etc from whichever local office. Sat on my own a lot, and thought how ignorant everyone was...
  7. olderskyblue

    Eddie Kidd

    What a fantastic tribute Top Gear did to Eddie Kidd last night. amazing TV
  8. olderskyblue

    F1 2021

    I don’t see anything in the onboard that changes things, but I’m no expert. I’m amazed what Brundle spots live, that I struggle to see in slow mo. :)
  9. olderskyblue


    Nice bloke. Helped me out once. Met him, chatted about our Caludon Castle days (in the same year) and he used to live a stones throw from where I grew up.
  10. olderskyblue

    Liverpool Womens Hospital

    Thats true. Mate of mine was behind a traffic accident, and jumped out to help. The woman driver in front of him was crushed against the steering wheel and was struggling to breathe. Seat belt was stuck, she was panicking of course. He just lent down and slid the seat back, and she could breathe...
  11. olderskyblue

    F1 2021

    The Key aspect to this is was Max trying to turn into the corner or not. If he was going straight on, well, he was going too fast at that stage, so is the most likely scenario, but if he turned any degree to the right to block Lewis, or intentionally force him off, then he could be in trouble...
  12. olderskyblue

    Guz Khan - Jonathan Ross show

    Has your friend seen him at a wasps game too? ;)
  13. olderskyblue

    Match Thread Bristol City (H) - 6th November 3PM

    Check out the "look back at the Bristol match" on CCFC facebook page. Brilliant
  14. olderskyblue

    Caption Competition: Brizzle (H)

    Can I have your shirt Matty….
  15. olderskyblue

    Chants ?

    dont know why a good oldie isn’t used for o’hare he’s here, he’s there, he’s everyf***ing where, Callum O’hare etc fits him to a tee
  16. olderskyblue

    F1 2021

    Quite a turn around in speed from quali. I don’t think it will go to the last race
  17. olderskyblue

    Wasps downward spiral...

    You sure your uncle knows him, not me?? 🤣 🤣
  18. olderskyblue

    Wasps downward spiral...

    Yes, everyone else has… :D
  19. olderskyblue

    Trouble in Casino

    Seemed like the cops grouped outside, then decided to March in. Looked like the door was shut so they couldn’t get in 😁 (I was a fair distance away, so this might not be what happened) 😂
  20. olderskyblue

    Death List 2021

    He said jazz not jizz…. 😁