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  1. kg82

    One for the teachers

    Been made aware of this article in the Sun by Rod Liddle. I’d like to get opinions from teachers! The article makes my blood boil. Another sycophant with too much time on his...
  2. Liquid Gold

    Oggy Retiring

    Out out out NEWS: Coventry City legend Steve Ogrizovic to retire at the end of the season
  3. kg82

    Long Shot

    Hi, long time without posting for me, but I’ve kept reading! Anyway, I need some help and thought this might be the best place. Next Saturday for the Sunderland game I’ll be in Osaka, Japan. I was just wondering if anyone would know of any places I might be able to watch the match there...
  4. kg82

    Bit of help.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with football, let alone Coventry! But this is the section that gets the most views, so I thought I'd utilise that till it gets moved (sorry)! I'm currently completing my masters degree and have come up with a questionnaire that needs completing by the general...
  5. kg82

    Lawson D'Ath

    Not sure if it's been mentioned anywhere, but there's a rumour we're after this guy. Mentioned at the bottom of that article.
  6. kg82

    To Stay or Go

    I literally just want to get an idea what percentage of people will say yes to leaving and how many will say no. For the benefit of those that like to rant that it will never happen, this isn't for that. It's a simple yes or no. I'm firmly in the yes.
  7. kg82

    McIndoe Is that Jordan Clark on the left in the headline photo?! No wonder MM was so rubbish while he was here.
  8. kg82

    Premier League footballer arrested This story could be massive.
  9. kg82


    Hi, I know it's a bit early, but has anyone got any ideas about when the tickets for Preston go on sale?
  10. kg82


    Any news on this?!
  11. kg82

    Thai skyblue

    Need your help mate if you can. Currently in patong (I know I know) and need to find somewhere to watch the match tomorrow! Everywhere I've asked so far that would show it closes at 3:30, which is obviously no good! Any ideas of where to go (again, if you know the area) would be greatly appreciated.
  12. kg82

    City in weird places

    Currently in India and spent a fair few nights in Anjuna, Goa. Walked into a restaurant there on my 2nd night and there's about 10-12 flags hung up. One of them was a Cov flag! Next night I walk in and one of the guys working in the kitchen has a 96/97 shirt on! Couldn't believe it! So what...
  13. kg82

    Birmingham Bears

    Just seen Warwickshire have changed their name to Birmingham Bears for the T20 campaign. Bit strange. How do people feel about that?
  14. kg82

    Wolves ticket for sale

    I bought 4 tickets but one of my mates can't make it anymore. Adult ticket, so £22, for block jl10. First come first served!
  15. kg82

    Need Some Advice

    So, like a silly little boy, I have left getting my visa for India too late to be able to travel there after my first stop (I go to Ghana on Sunday). I'd still like to go to India but from what I've read and been told it's near on impossible to get a visa for there if you're travelling round the...
  16. kg82


    Just heard the inevitable's happened. See ya Roberto
  17. kg82

    Westley's Back!

    At Stevenage! 3rd time.
  18. kg82


    Gooorrrnnne! Couldn't happen to anyone more deserving in my opinion!
  19. kg82


    Sorry, but I'm a bit tired of coming on to this forum just to see stuff about SISU this, SISU that, ACL this etc etc. Surely, if it's anything to do with that it should be in the board/finance section? I don't want to bury my head in the sand. But I also don't want it to be the ONLY thing I...
  20. kg82


    *Warning - if you don't like rumours don't read this* I'm probably waaay off the mark here and have no idea how reliable this is (probably not at all), but this page on twitter just posted #zeman4cov: Now, it got me a bit intrigued so I googled "zeman...