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    Just sacked their manager this morning. Would Robins be tempted if they came looking ?
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    Match Thread Luton (A) Wed 29th Sep. 19.45 ko

    Predictions and team This will be a tough one. Luton score goals but also leak them hence the amount of games that have ended in draws. For me its the same team as Peterborough and going for 1-1 with O’Hare finally finding the net
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    Fulham game

    So after the Luton game thats Dabo’s three match ban served. who would you play for the Fulham game at RWB ? Dabo was back to his best before his rash head loss and sending off. Gets forward more and puts crosses in well but perhaps a little vulnerable in defence. Kane took a couple of games to...
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    Match Thread Peterborough (H) Fri 24th Sept 7.45 ko

    Could be a harder game than we thought after their 3-0 win against Blues. JCH we know can score goals but we are unbeaten at home so predicting a 2-1 win
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    A Cardiff fans view

    Nice little write up from one of their fans at the game. Pretty fair and honest I would say A VIEW FROM SOMEONE WHO WAS THERE: COVENTRY V CARDIFF by Bakedalasker » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:04 pm Well talk about coming back down to earth with a bump. Everything about the Forest game had the...
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    Mark Robins view
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    Next six games

    They say there is no point in looking at the table until the first 10 games in which will give you an idea of where we stand. its fair to say four games in we have started great and definately improved as a team but our first four games have been against teams not expected to be in the top six...
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    Humble pie

    The thread for those to reflect on rash, negative posts that they have made this season about the players and Robins. Feel free to confess your sins or allow others to nominate you. ill start by nominating Grendel wanting Robins replaced by Jacket. Feel free Grendel to admit the error of your ways
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    Can anyone help me id like to book an exec box for my dads 80th birthday and invite a few friends and family as a surprise. never done it before and checking the ccfc website there isnt a lot of info. does anyone know what the cost is ? how many a box holds ? is a mealand drinks package...
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    Jordan Willis

    Been out injured since February with knee injury now expected to not be back for at least another 9-12 months. feel sorry for the lad as he always gave 100% for us and his goal at Wembley was something else but it looks like we did the right thing letting him go...
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    Transfer Rumour Luke O’Nien

    A friend who lives on Tyneside and is Newcastle fan has told me tonight that we are one of three clubs interested is signing Sunderlands Luke O’Nien. He has turned down a new contract with Sunderland and can play left back, left wing and midfield. Seems to be rated by the majority of Sunderlands...
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    What do we need now ?

    With transfers coming a long like busses the last few days If its true we are also signing. Gykoes then thats the forward line taken care off. what area’s do we still need to replace and strengthen ? A good reliable number 1 that can control their box and not frightened of claiming crosses is...
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    Sheffield Wednesday

    Have released 10 players including Westwood. Reported that the released players total approx £10 million worth. Anyone fancy any of them for us ?
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    Three years a go today

    Three years a go today. Robins starts the journey back to the championship
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    Job vacancy

    The club are advertising for a new first team analyst. Dont know why they dont just save a few quid and read a few experts on here 😂 For a bit of fun who would be perfect for this job from SBT and why ? 1495 views Coventry City Football Club are looking for a talented individual to join our...
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    Based on this evening are we better off keeping what we have with the exception of Baka and using our budget for other areas. decent strikers arnt cheap if they are an improvement on what we have. Now we have four fully fit for the first time this season it seems that they have have started to...
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    Monday morning

    monday morning drive in to work is so much nicer having watched us win yesterday. The sun is shining, the sky is sky blue and I dont care that its the start of the working week. we beat the mighty Barnsley 2-0 😃
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    Next season

    Hopefully if things stay as they are and we manage to stay in the championship and those currently coming down and up it looks a far more difficult league next year. MR will really need to pull a few strings to progress next season. The main goal this season was to avoid relegation and cement...
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    Anyone seen or heard from him since 9pm last night. Seems to have gone missing having been on here non stop for the last few weeks