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    Agreed for the first as the bournemouth keeper let in an identical goal because of the wind - The second Moore should have come out and took the ball and the player - however he must be allowed some slack as he has been almost faultless in most games
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    Statues of George and John

    Otside the transport museum in that massive paved area
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    Every player has an off day from time to time - Bournemouth was his and hope his last - two poor golas conceded
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    Statues of George and John

    Jimmy Hill statue: Final touches for Coventry unveiling - BBC News A seven-foot bronze statue of Jimmy Hill, costing about £100000, ... The cost of the statue was met by fans through a campaign of fundraising appeals.
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    Bournemouth away - TLS

    Picked a few points from the excellent report that I will expand on - The queue for the away end stretched around the corner - basically it was like standing outside the casino at the CBS and the queue practically stretching to our away end - (pathetic) the holdup was stewards with a scanners...
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    Oh Lord - RIP John Sillett

    Great man in my life as a younger player -
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    All aboard the Football special

    Apologies Millwall playing at Middlesbrough - WBA are playing at Hull
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    All aboard the Football special

    Not if your on the london trains that have to change at Sheffield and there is a 22 min transfer time
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    All aboard the Football special

    All aboard the train to Sheffield Saturday with potential fellow passengers- Birmingham playing at Hull - Millwall playing at Huddersfield
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    Puts reading in 19th Place still 4 points clear of the relegation places
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    6 points deduction and 6 points suspended
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    Gary Hoffman

    Totally agree with you mate – Why do people it seems to get jealous when one of our own who came from a working class family does well in life – particularly as he has sky blue blood running through his veins
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    Where do you think we'll finish this season ??

    Play off final - injury time goal by Victor - promotion – Arabs buy the club and invest 200 million – then I woke up
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    Rail and bus travel from city centre

    How did these decision making people get into their position - The arena station was estimated cost at almost £13.6 million pounds to build back in 2016 (probably cost more) absolute pathetic of money as its hardly used - Building a platform to take at least 15 carriages would of course cost...
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    January transfer window

    Understand the official line - However we are talking about potential millions in the promised land of the premiership - being hedge fund owners they are risk takers
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    January transfer window

    If we are still in the top 4 in January after a hurdling the tough fixture list coming up – Will we be signing some players in the January window for a possible push for a play off place
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    Brilliant support by Cov fans as many Bristol city fans stated on their site - Our fans actually had an impact on how well the 10 men played second half
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    Agreed he played well - did some poor things but so did lots of players
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    Thanks for information - states on the bournemouth site that the away alloaction is 1500 and can be raised to 2000 if required
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    First chunk in Robins impenetrable armour?

    Went to the Luton away game and we started exactly the same as against Swansea -- Luton constantly targeted Matson and his side of the pitch as they felt it was a weak area - Does some good things Matson, but the cover for him when he ventures forward is non-existent- Swansea obviously watched...