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  1. christonabike

    Bright sparks!

    Can anyone on here help me. I’ve an Atari woody and can’t tune it into my TV. Can any kind soul show me a gadget to convert coax cable to hdmi or something so I can see if it still works? It’s the genuine old one and has about 6 games so might bang it on eBay if I can fathom out this malarkey🤔...
  2. christonabike


    Looks like we wont be selling it anytime soon. The offal has pictures of the new pitches and new grass thats been laid ahead of next season.
  3. christonabike

    Where can I get a CCFC flag for someones funeral?

    A good friend of mine has asked if I know where I can get hold of a CCFC flag for someones funeral. The only ones online are Lady Godiva flags and not CCFC ones. Any help appreciated. (I know it has been asked before but cant find any threads on it!).
  4. christonabike

    Rude not to!

    In Jimmy Hills bar in Menorca enjoying a few scoops! Fair play to the man. Off to some Irish bar now no doubt I’m the only bog trotter in there lol! Had a bad few months health wise so taking it easy and recharging my batteries. PUSB
  5. christonabike

    Norms had enough!

    'Port Vale must have buyer by May 5 or administration' - Norman Smurthwaite
  6. christonabike


    With not long to go before we are homeless and playing a team flying at the top of the league fair play for getting a draw after going down 1 nil and the fans being civilised and making their point. That’s what we are about. Not thugs or anarchists just bread and butter football fans just like...
  7. christonabike

    1987 FA Cup Programs

    Having a clear out and I have a few sets of programs from 1987. FA Cup Semi final vs Leeds in excellent order and FA Cup final in excellent condition. £14 the pair £2.50 delivery UK mainland or free delivery in Coventry can be arranged. Sold as pairs I will make a donation to the air ambulance...
  8. christonabike

    Nice touch........

    CCFC fans show their class after plea to help lonely football fan Hope the old fella gets to a game!
  9. christonabike

    Help needed!......

    If Matesx doesn't get a ticket who can help him out and his Scottish contingent..... Im offering to help but my unlucky underpants are staying away unless he is desperate! You will spot him outside Wembley if he doesnt get in.
  10. christonabike


    The cheeky fooks are playing in sky blue! Fook em the angry knuckle dragging cave men. I hope we play them next year and hand out bibles and dictionary’s to them so they understand what civilisation is. PUSB Happy Easter every one.
  11. christonabike


    Just for the record and it’s been said on numerous occasions that when the team are doing well it all goes quiet regarding his fake tan and using shredded wheat for hair. Well I for one still remember.
  12. christonabike

    Word of warning!

    Feel free to move this Nick but thought it would get the most views. Was in the pub last night at 6pm and two lads were sitting in a car with a laptop or similar just down from my car and my friends car. He has an Audi RS5 so he moved his car across to his friends drive and put his Disklok on...
  13. christonabike


    Just checked my bank account and my two tickets for Accrington were paid to Otium. Is this the norm as I always thought it showed as CCFC?
  14. christonabike

    We want 7

    What a great chant at the Leicester copy of the Ricoh stadium.:woot:
  15. christonabike

    £10 a ticket!

    Fisher get of your fat bearded arse and do £10 plus kids for a quid until the end of the season. I've already paid £650 for my ticket so no qualms here just get behind the new gaffer. No doubt you are immune to running a profitable set up but here's a hint. 1000s of empty seats that will be full...
  16. christonabike


    The gaffer at Ryton doing a bit of training.:woot:
  17. christonabike

    Ticket thread ffs maybe not.

    Jesus I want a ticket ,who has a ticket, stewards have some and now strangers are asking for them in the pub! I would rather look at interesting fooking threads rather than plastic fans scrambling and asking fully paid up members like myself who isnt going, Anyways.............
  18. christonabike

    I am the new Skyblue Daz top tipper!

    Play the old score and win etc and had a tip on a few horses Satdee. Both still running but I had £10 left in my Skybet account. Man City to win 3-1 Jesus bloke first to score 33-1 Man City 4-1 think the same odds 33-1 The twat goes off injured.............:spiderman:
  19. christonabike

    Help needed!

    A mate of mine has two tickets for the Checkatrade Final, both in luxury box seats. He paid £475 for each ticket but he didn't realise when he bought them, it was going to be on the same day as his wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place. It's at St...
  20. christonabike

    This team every week?

    Bar Tudgay? Not doing too bad!:woot: