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  1. JulianDarbyFTW

    Post Match Interview

    Moose was at the game again, and interviewed MR and COH. Shows how important the fans are.
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    Embargo lifted

    Accounts have now been submitted, transfer embargo lifted.
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    Championship Stats

    Was looking at some of the key player stats for the Championship season so far, and some our players seem to stand out, mostly Hamer (obviously) and O'Hare. For no reason whatsoever, I put them below for your enjoyment. Hamer: 2nd most fouls per game (lol) 3rd for key passes per game 9th for...
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    Fractured cheekbone :(
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    Homegrown Strikers

    Was just thinking about Paul Furlong for some reason, and it made me wonder. How many homegrown, out-and-out strikers have we had who actually cemented a place in the first team and banged in the goals? I can think of Wilson, but that's about it in recent years, and he was pretty much a...
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    As a big fan of football statistics, I just wondered what go-to sites people use. There's sites like whoscored and transfrmarket and Infogol, but are there any others that people would recommend?
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    EFL Update

    EFL statement: Board update The following matters were addressed at today’s EFL Board meeting. COVENTRY CITY The EFL Board has today been appraised of the latest position of Coventry City, following an EFL request for confirmation in regard to where the Club will stage its home matches in the...
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    Pressley Back in the Game Helping out on the training pitch. Teaching them to pass sideways and back.
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    First Ten Games

    So, with 6 points on the board in 2 games, what do we reckon we'll be on after the nominal benchmark of 10 matches? Aidy Boothroyd said about 1.6 points per game for play-offs iirc. Fixtures as follows: Coventry v Crewe Tue 18 Aug 19:45 Walsall v Coventry Sat 22 Aug 15:00...
  10. JulianDarbyFTW

    Millwall Boss Speaks

    Millwall boss Neil Harris told BBC London 94.9: "I thought it was a shambles at times to be honest. "It really hurts to be honest and I'm not sure it hurts some of those players in the dressing room as much as it hurts me." "We knew they had dangerous players, they had exciting players but...
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    If we go down, who should shoulder the bulk of the blame out of the following people? Waggott, for his role in picking the manager and signing players. Pressley, for his management of the team, his tactics and the players he signed. Mowbray, for his management of the team, his tactics, and the...
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    Just having a sort out and found an old program from 1995. Squad list on the back shows luminaries such as Ally Pickering, Willie Boland and very old versions of Gary Gillespie and Peter Shilton. However, squad number 21 was held by Carlita. To be honest, I can't remember the guy and can't even...
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    Managerial Win Percentages

    Inspired by a comment on the Stuart Peace thread, I knocked up a list of win %ages for all current league managers (exception: Justin Edinburgh - unable to find his stats). Makes interesting reading... *Apologies for the poor formatting - don't know how to insert an Excel s/s Rank Name Club...
  14. JulianDarbyFTW

    Pressley's Judgement

    On Reda Johnson: "There were obviously a number of candidates within the squad but I felt Reda had the necessary qualities to lead the side. He has great experience in Championship football and also has experienced promotion from this division. He brings stature, strength and mentality to the...
  15. JulianDarbyFTW

    Perhaps Andy Thorn was onto something...

    Just reading a BBC article about the man-mountain Akinfenwa, and came across these lines: Akinfenwa has described teammate Cody McDonald as "the best striker in League One". McDonald, who formed a successful partnership with Akinfenwa for the Gills in 2010-11, has scored 12 goals in 28 league...
  16. JulianDarbyFTW

    Summer 2015: What Happens Next?

    A pattern is emerging with this season's signings, and as I like a conspiracy as much as the next person (as long as the next person is David Icke) I thought I'd share it. It's to do with contract expiry dates of the majority of this seasons signings. William Edjenguele - Summer 2015 Leon...
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    Goals Against

    We've conceded one goal in 10 of the last 11 games. The other game was a clean sheet. Whilst only conceding one is ok given our form, it is concerning that it happens so regularly, and it's a little odd that it had been just the one when we have. Assuming our goal threat will be diminished...
  18. JulianDarbyFTW

    The Edge: What do we think?

    Just wondered what people who watch him regularly think of him as a player. I've only seen him a few times and I don't think I'm in a position to judge him properly, although from what I have seen he seems like a player who makes the odd mistake but is usually good enough to make amends. Thoughts?
  19. JulianDarbyFTW

    Kevin Thornton

    Given our need for a creative midfielder, and Thornton's current series of trials with Championship/League One clubs (and our track record of re-signing released players) could he do a job for us next season? Personally think he'd be a good option to have as long as he doesn't go out on the lash...
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    Fifa 12 Club recruiting

    Hi all. Looking for players for a fifa 12 club. It's not primarily CCFC orientated - there's even a vile fan playing - but we need a few people. We play 8pm to 1am most nights. Looking for midfielders, so if you're interested and half decent then let me know. I've changed my gamertag...