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  1. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Adi Viveash

    13:00 there’s some decent footage of it
  2. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    F1 2021

    Oh no. Gutted for max. Lewis title guaranteed now
  3. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987


    A first half performance like that is never going to help the atmosphere. Even Boca juniors’ fans would have been quiet with that shitshow
  4. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    2 in 10

    I hope so. Huddersfield and stoke will be tough , tough games
  5. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Match Thread WBA (h) - 12:30 - Sat 4th - on Sky

    Is a bit odd. Hyam was obviously fit because he came on eventually , and has been in decent form , and dabo at centre back has never worked before. Almost as if he doesn’t want to drop one of kane/maatsen/dabo
  6. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987


    Sheaf and mcfadzean were the only two i genuinely thought played well
  7. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Adi Viveash

    Didn’t they get through the club shop exit? (The big entrance underneath the singer’s corner) . I don’t think they came from the stands
  8. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Match Thread WBA (h) - 12:30 - Sat 4th - on Sky

    2-1 City with vik to finally score again and walker to score the other off the bench
  9. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Bournemouth away - TLS

    Great article mate
  10. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    West brom attendance

    Cheers mate , father ted will forever be iconic!
  11. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    West brom attendance

    I’m going 24,117 and 2-1 City
  12. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Rorys wish to walk

    Donated mate , great you are promoting and helping this effort. All the best daz
  13. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Match Thread Birmingham City (H) - 7:45 Tue 23rd Nov

    Point not end of the world. On to bournemouth pusb!
  14. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Match Thread Birmingham City (H) - 7:45 Tue 23rd Nov

    Playing so so well. Just need the final touch. Hopefully we can keep this momentum second half. Come on the boys PUSB
  15. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Our fans

    The atmosphere imo has been average at best since fulham to be honest. It has always been decent but never outstanding since then
  16. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Who is the drummer ?

    He only doesn’t bring it when the grounds don’t allow it. Name is lyndon as eastwoodsdustman said
  17. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Chants ?

    How about : to the tune of starman There’s a brummie messi in our side, His name is callum o’hare and he’s f***ing dynamite!
  18. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    F1 2021

    Difference between dirty driver and hard racer! We will see , brilliant from Lewis admittedly but to shut max down as a “dirty driver” and to rule him out of a championship fight that looks completely impossible to call , particularly with Mercedes’ newfound straightline speed is a bit harsh. We...
  19. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    Liverpool Womens Hospital

    Bloody hell. Members of my family were born in that hospital. Awful awful stuff
  20. TwistAndShoutCCFC1987

    International Watch

    He killed a woman while drink driving when he played for bolton and got away with it basically - look it up