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    Same people as gossipmongers but David has moved to a different part of the country and now supporting a lower league football team, My new football club ‎My New Football Club: Episode 1 - The Beginning Of David's Exeter City Journey on Apple Podcasts
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    Video Social Q&A | Godden and O'Hare

    Why doesn’t cal just tell us he’s a blues fan? How can’t you remember your first match?
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    Ben Foster/Cycling GK

    Was in the same class as him at school, I don’t watch any of his stuff it’s a bit weird to think people look up to him, good lad tho
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    Podcast Sky Blues Fans TV Podcast with Ryan from the Second Tier Pod

    Did you ask why they thought cov would be in the bottom 3?
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    Was he playing for cov at the time, or he’d he gone to Peterborough by then?
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    CBS Arena offsite parking

    I’ve never parked there but can you park on that industrial estate behind Tesco
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    Plantar Facilitis.

    A mate used to use a one of them glass coke bottles, said the shape and the ridges on it was prefect
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    Ex Player Watch

    He still lives in leamington he was doing up his front garden the other wk
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    New Player Incoming - Leo Ostigard

    This sounds familiar
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    Ricoh arena 2021

    This is old but explains a bit about it BREAKING: Coventry City owners Sisu will drop legal action IF Wasps agree fair Ricoh deal and council backs new stadium
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    Johnny Vegas

    Thought this was going to be about how Ben Wilson sounded a little like Jonny Vegas last night
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    Today’s games

    this made me laugh
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    Ricardo Dinanga

    It won’t be official until Coventry put their accounts in
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    The pub

    Haven’t Chile been using a Chinese vaccine, and surprise surprise it’s not as good as the Chinese say it is
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    Longest serving managers

    Forest green rovers sacked their manager, Mark Robins moves up to 10th longest serving manager in the football league Mowbray most likely the next to go?
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    Offensive adverts

    Doesn’t that go off your past searches? So you have been Googling Aston Villa