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  1. Covkid1968#

    Strange pre match build up

    Currently on a train from Manchester. Night out in Manc which took in Canal street. Woke up this morning sharing the same bed as a bearded 24 year old bloke. Why the eldest son can’t get his own fricking hotel room is beyond me. Really looking forward to picking up someAlbion at either Wolves...
  2. Covkid1968#

    Phase One Xmas hamper

    Arrived today….. nice selection of cheeses, chutneys, port and fine wine. Im not proud of myself, but I had a little tantrum and emailed Tynan explaining my disappointment with the plain Ritz crackers. Also…. Happy to swap my mixed olives for a chicken liver parfait if anyone is up for it…I’ll...
  3. Covkid1968#

    South Leics SBT members help needed

    I’m stuck in South Leics Lutterworth / Market Harborough way on Saturday lunchtime and wanted to see if anyone knows of any pubs in that area that are showing the game on Sky. Got my 13 year old with me so needs to be child friendly. Long shot but any help much appreciated
  4. Covkid1968#

    Bath…. Something to do

    In Bath for the weekend… I’m not entirely sure why. But other than the Roman baths, does anyone have any knowledge of stuff to do here? If I don’t find something to do I’ll just end up on an all day sesh! Which is great apart from I do Memorial park each year for rememberence Sunday and need to...
  5. Covkid1968#

    Worst day

    Not only in my City supporting life but probably my entire life. No football going on so thought I’d share it ive got a new scar! Currently got 8 stitches in my face to go with my other face scars that needed stitches. And it brought back the one standout disaster day in my life Villa away…...
  6. Covkid1968#

    Red Wedge

    Off to see Billy Bragg on Saturday in Cardiff. Anyone else got a far left folk singer as a guilty pleasure or is it just me!!!! After some wasteful capitalist spending in Cardiff City Centre on shite I don’t need, I’ll be ready for some good old fashioned fascist and Maggie bashing come the...
  7. Covkid1968#


    Been in Liverpool all weekend for a family 80th and a funeral ( not the same family member) so couldn’t do Blackburn. 2 talking points which I looked at through a Sky Blue lens. 1. spoke to a couple of Liverpool season ticket holders. Both separately said they had no idea which league Coventry...
  8. Covkid1968#

    Upsetting Season Ticket seat neighbours

    Hate doing this but need to ask the people next to me to move down 5 seats as I’ve bought the son a ticket 5 seats down from me. if any of you lot are in Block 1 and feel aggrieved at having to change seats… apologies in advance. My son changed his mind at the last minute… fricking pain in the...
  9. Covkid1968#

    A Carlsberg Saturday

    Surprise sex with the Mrs first thing New hot tub delivered Membership shirt arrived Up the City this afternoon The Specials tonight Kebab on the way home Assuming City win and Terry Hall doesn’t start being a prick on stage… this has all the makings of a fecking good day!!!
  10. Covkid1968#

    Man City 3rd kid

    Described as mixing sportswear with street culture I’d says it’s mixing those fake football tops you buy in Spain for 5 Euros with a Wellesbourne market store one along with ones saying Man United across the front Utter shite… and almost £80
  11. Covkid1968#

    Assembly Gardens

    Sorry… nothing to do with football had a night out there this week and was really impressed. Really good vibe about the place….. maybe just maybe people will give our City Centre a chance and let it become a vibrant safe enjoyable place. Other cities centres seem to manage it. Choir of man was...
  12. Covkid1968#

    Mansfield fixture

    Bought my tickets… thought that they weren’t selling very fast. Turns out I’ve purchased in the Mansfield end. Just make sure you scroll down to the north stand rather than be a cock like me and assume the option at the top of the list was the away end!!!! Spoke to the ticket office and can...
  13. Covkid1968#

    Class by Bellingham

    Seeing an England Blues flag and going over to give his England shirt to them at the end. Got me thinking about Maddison…. Sees a Cov flag and a Leics flag at an England game…which does he go to at the end to give his shirt to? In reality he heads for a Man U one and finally reveals what we...
  14. Covkid1968#

    Potential alternative explanations for Grendel dislike of Maxime Biamou

    We have to give this some thought because with yesterday’s performance there has to be a different explanation. So I’ll kick off with In his first year at his senior school, the young 11 year old Grendel spent time in France as part of a ‘live with a French family’ school project. The teenage...
  15. Covkid1968#

    Kids Puma jacket

    Clearing out kids stuff and found a jacket... Puma... not much wear as my son never really wore it ... size 24/26 not sure but poss boys/girls 8 year old. If anyone wants it PM me and I’ll send it. Would like to see someone get some wear out of it.. but if not I’ll charity shop it when I’m in...
  16. Covkid1968#

    Would you like to see my puppy

    Whilst that is one of my chat up lines.... on this occasion I do have a new puppy. Say hello to Ancelotti (other half insists on calling her dogs after who ever is the current Everton manager. Thought she had grown out of it after Walter Smith died a few years ago) she is already pissing...
  17. Covkid1968#

    Good Morning Sky Blue people

    Woke up and I’m already looking forward to the game. Got some jobs to do but then the day is me own. Bought a new projector just to watch the games so I feel like I’m in a pub. Have a great day all.... first away win and mid table anonymity awaits us. PUSB
  18. Covkid1968#

    For the City dog lovers

    Not talking about nights out at Carey’s or The Tally Ho... or whatever it was called later. I’m talking gifts off your dog at Xmas. Firstly... it’s fecking daft but I play along with it as the Mrs seems to get off on it Secondly... my dog was so excited about what he got me he insisted I open...
  19. Covkid1968#

    Date night

    Not City related but tonight Mathew I was planning to listen to the phone in and then the night was my own So when did this Date night rubbish all start. Was popping down the pub later, but tonight has been entitled a ‘date night’ and so the local is now no longer fit for purpose......instead...
  20. Covkid1968#

    Winning League 1 wasn’t great for everyone

    Whilst we have all been loving these last couple of weeks, please spare a thought for Houchen who gave a commitment to go Sky Blue should we get promoted. What Houchie didn’t know because he didn’t do his research before making a promise, was that food dye, whilst harmless, doesn’t simply wash...