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  1. Gaz

    Robins era best signing

    Brilliant question, really gets you thinking about the remarkable turnaround since Robins returned. Player for me is Kelly. Such a key part in all the upturn and consistent as ever. A player we always look better with when in the middle.
  2. Gaz

    Ronaldo nazario (again)

    Yes from me. He was biblical
  3. Gaz

    Pass code for iFollow

    Lol thats what I do when pissed trying to watch porn hub mate 🤣
  4. Gaz

    Pass code for iFollow

    No I'm just using a Google pixel phone and Google Chromecast That's why I came away from Apple, it's all locked to only use there gear. Tried to cast a reply game from Ifollow and it works fine so it's just the live games by the looks of things Never mind.
  5. Gaz

    Pass code for iFollow

    It's working fine for me on my phone. I just can't cast it to the telly for some reason Anyone else managed to cast it to the telly?
  6. Gaz

    What are you doing tomorrow?

    I'm going shopping for big roll and hand sanitizer
  7. Gaz

    Jordan Willis

    Willis is happy where he is, playing for a massive club and looking forward to next season in massive league one
  8. Gaz

    Match Thread Ipswich Town vs. Coventry City Match Thread - Tuesday 10th Dec

    Don't know what was the matter with you all,. Never in doubt fellas
  9. Gaz


    I'm fine with it all myself. I enjoyed going trick or treating when I was a kid and had fun taking my daughter out trick or treating when she was younger too. I'm happy to keep it all going for others so brought £20 worth of bits out of the pound shop today and have setup lights in pumpkins...
  10. Gaz

    Match Thread Coventry City vs. Tranmere Rovers Match Thread - Sunday 13th Oct

    Just lacking the killer finish that's all keep the faith
  11. Gaz


    The Southend physio sat on them
  12. Gaz

    St Andrews

    It's gotta be a good half
  13. Gaz

    St Andrews

    I did feel a bit cramped in there, not moaning though. Atmosphere good in there. Got stung a fiver for a couple of bottles of pop before taking my seats. Had a few drinks in the Roost before game which was good. All the staff were really friendly and welcoming to us when we got there. Not easy...
  14. Gaz

    Where will we finish if the squad stays the same as it is now pretty much

    We're going to win the league! What's the fucking matter with you all ?!!
  15. Gaz

    Sightings of CCFC Footballers (away from the pitch)

    Went on a double date with a gal who’s friend brought along Aron Gunnarsson. And bumped into Jordan Willis this afternoon at the Godiva
  16. Gaz

    Robins Q&A - anything of interest ?

    Chaplin bid is real and he has someone in mind to bring in if he moves on this. Sounded to me like he was considering it for sure. Made enough references to Bright throughout the night and stated he was after a number 10
  17. Gaz

    Season Tickets

  18. Gaz

    Season Tickets

    Was looking at them tonight but couldn’t work out which one to get. What’s the restrictions torch?
  19. Gaz

    Season Tickets

    All sorted. If anyone else has the same, you can sign up multiple all under the same email address and then link the accounts up
  20. Gaz

    Season Tickets

    No they have never brought tickets before. It’s my partner and her son. They have only been before to the Ricoh through pay on gate.