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  1. larry_david

    Cian Tyler - new contract

    Signed to 2023. Very tall lad, done well in 23s by all accounts and seen him a few times in the warm ups at matches. Another for a loan in Jan with Billson?
  2. larry_david

    23s vs Colchester

    Anyone who's bored on a damp cold Bank Holiday, we're playing at 1.00 Sky Blues Xl: Tom Billson (GK) (C), Joe Newton, George Burroughs, Trialist, Josh Reid, Dan Bartlett, Jordan Young, Ryan Howley, Will Bapaga, Fabio Tavares, Harrison Nee. Subs: Luke Bell (GK), Dan Lafferty, Trialist, Aaron...
  3. larry_david

    The shushing Shipley

    Love the arrogance of it. Shame he hasn't shown that all season. Needs to do so much more before he can hit back at his doubters. He gets another year for me but purely because I know he can do better. His championship attempts this season have been nothing short of pathetic
  4. larry_david

    The Godden injury

    What happened yesterday? Is it psychological? He pulled up from aa great little ball in and then sat down and we all thought, here we go again. But even a min before that walker went down the left, skied a cross over the box and it landed 5 ft from MG who left it. 5 mins later he's running...
  5. larry_david

    50% off home and away kit

    At ccfc online store. Discount ploy or a sign they aren't selling as well as last season? I'm gonna gonna wait for the away one until the end of season, will probably go down to £10 like the yellow one did
  6. larry_david

    Man management this season

    This is not a Robins out thread. Man management on the outside looks piss poor this season. Let’s look at some cases: Biamou – frozen out at the start of the season, barely given a kick in pre season only to be relied upon due to injuries. Now he’s playing with torn ligaments (I’m fine with...
  7. larry_david

    New ifollow app

    Enforced upon me to download new ifollow app. Am I being thick or have they taken off all the previous full broadcast matches now?
  8. larry_david


    Some plonkers on there. Latest is this which has got a reaction from Dan Bartlett and JJ. Anyone on there? Is the guy who posted this on here!
  9. larry_david

    Injury thread 2020-2021

    Thought I'd create a thread for the injuries this coming season. Post it here for all injury news
  10. larry_david

    Squad trimming

    Hasn't happened yet but our squad is pretty big and will get bigger as we scour for more signings to adapt to championship so inevitable there will be exits. Some perm, some loan. Who goes? (in this thread) you decide. Big questions over Kasta - didn't get a sniff last season after Rotherham...
  11. larry_david

    Ricoh is confirmed?

    Andy goode? Wasps geezer? Just tweeted villa saying see u next season for cov match. Take my money now CCFC
  12. larry_david


    Are the the biggest bunch of cowboys going or what. Tried to cancel in early March, pre covid awareness. They of course upgraded and reduced bill, a new sky q box. Since then no engineer not their fault. I've had 2 round now, neither has managed to install sky q so I'm still without a sky box...
  13. larry_david

    Walshy wants cov

    Reported Walsh has had his year extended but he wants to join cov. Who can blame him.
  14. larry_david

    Rats in the attic

    No not cash in the attic. Rats. Happened to me last year and drove me mad for 2 months. I rent a flat so landlord instead of getting people out went for the cheap option of some lethal rat trap claiming it would only be mice. These things sound like rampant puppies running around at 3am. Anyway...
  15. larry_david

    Transfer rumours (isn't it nice to talk about football!)

    QPR and Coventry City plot swoop for young Chelsea hotshot Our Chelsea link makes this a potential transfer for sure. And if we can start beating the likes of qpr to players, dare I already dream (in a normal world) that we could become established at championship level!?
  16. larry_david

    CET - Click bait titles

    Christ almighty this pile of garbage website is shocking in terms of click bait at the best of times but it's been pathetic the last 3 weeks. Headline today 'Former Coventry city favourite sends come and get me transfer plea' Lo and behold it's about Matthew Pennington saying he wants to move to...
  17. larry_david

    Matt 'offside' Godden

    Why on earth is MR trying to change a 28 year old proven strikers game to something it's not. He's consistently scored 15-25 for the last 4 seasons and now we're trying to turn him into something he's not. How many offsides today? Whilst I'm at it whilst hiwula should hang his head in shame at...
  18. larry_david

    The ever improving Brandon Mason

    Haven't seen yesterday's match yet but what's clear is the massive improvement in Mason. Think most of us saw the potential last season, the raw attributes that needed harnessing but I didn't see this much improvement so quickly. What impresses me so much is now he drives forward, beats a man...
  19. larry_david

    Skybet and sky sports news

    Serious topic. How on earth are skybet allowed to offer odds, requestabets etc on transfers when their company, sky, make up the news?? Surely that's just plain wrong. Today they've been banging on about Zaha going to Everton and it's now been revealed they made 1 bid only over a week ago yet...
  20. larry_david

    Match Thread U23s Vs Rugby Town

    Number 10 triallist the guy who scored the other day?