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  1. Covstu

    Dutch/Belgian league merge

    Will be Interesting to see how this plays out and whether it starts more league merges in the future. Don’t know much about the Belgian league or many of the teams in there, obvously anderlecht, liege, Brugge and maybe Antwerp (as the Gers played them!). Dutch league a bit more obvious but the...
  2. Covstu

    Anyone booked a holiday yet?

    Me and the missus were talking about booking a holiday for somethimg to look forward too but couldn’t work out whether we stay in the UK or not. Would prefer to go abroad and we normally privately rent but would need to look at package holidays in August which are just so expensive (however...
  3. Covstu


    Anyone got it? Heard it’s littered with problems on PS4 and xbox one but seems to be better on the new machines?it looks a Greta game but a bit of a car crash in terms of being market ready?
  4. Covstu

    A place in the sun

    Me and the good lady were thinking about buying a place in the sun down the line, thinking Mallorca but just wondering whether anyone else has anything or know anyone who does? Any considerations around movement in the eu etc, taxes etc that need some thought?
  5. Covstu

    Boddy Update and there it is!
  6. Covstu

    FF7 remake

    Anyone got it? Brought about a month ago but only just started playing. It’s fantastic! Looks great, storyline is good, characters great and battle system is clever. Really recommend!
  7. Covstu

    Do you think we will learn after this is all over?

    Pollution down massively, no litter in the streets, people eating healthily, people exercising but will it all go back to ‘normal’ when this is over? It’s like it’s been a detox for the earth which was clearly needed but could it go the other way with businesses trying to make up for lost time...
  8. Covstu

    Mickey Doyle article

    Good read from a fella who says it like it Is! From Glasgow to Nottingham via Coventry, Leeds, Sheffield and Portsmouth - How Michael Doyle reached 797 not out
  9. Covstu

    The Hundred

    see that it is getting a lot of flak from the cricket purists on radio, websites etc. Don’t think they have helped themselves with the crisp sponsorships which was just weird and the kits are very loud, Birmingham’s looks like a fruit salad wrapper! I am mixed about it to be honest, pleased it...
  10. Covstu

    Detroit: become human

    anyone played this? Really enjoyed it, not a game of skill but it has a fantastic storyline with proper emotion and all of the decisions you make in the game have a huge impact to the characters and storyline. Really liked this and great as it was free last month on ps plus!
  11. Covstu

    SBT Bookies

    Nick, Can this be done for the Cricket World Cup???
  12. Covstu

    Cleaning Adidas suede trainers !

    I have lots of Adidas trainers that are looking grubby, any tips for cleaning them as I don’t want to ruin them!
  13. Covstu

    City v spurs

    4 goals in 10 mins! What a game
  14. Covstu

    Dry cleaning

    Anyone know any decent places to dry clean? Used to use Morrison’s which was 4 items for £12 but they stopped and timpsons took over and its over £24 for the same! Taking the piss now!
  15. Covstu

    Wanting your team to lose

    on talksport, Everton fans hoping their team gets battered just to scupper Liverpool’s title challenge! Whilst we don’t have the rivalry to take a view, I just cannot see a position where I would ever want our team to lose? Seems bizarre doesn’t it?
  16. Covstu

    The protest

    so I hear there is a march/protest in February? What’s the crack? Seems strange that we start protesting when our performances and playoff chances have disappeared
  17. Covstu

    Plane crash

    Rescue workers find aircraft parts in sea in search for missing Cardiff City star Emiliano Sala Cardiff’s new loan signing apparently didn’t make it across the channel from Nantes and looks like the plane crashed into the channel?
  18. Covstu

    SAS who dares wins

    anyone watching? Tough ass Recruitment process but a good watch
  19. Covstu

    I Daniel Blake

    anyone watch this on BBC1? Truly heartbreaking and shows how broken the process really is! A must watch!
  20. Covstu

    Mauled by the Tigers

    So Hull have claimed the most embarrassing and cringeworthy song ‘being mauled by the Tigers’ with the claw actions to the Leeds fans. We were having a pub debate, based on the teams crests, what other actions could other teams do? (Yes it was after a few jars!)