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    Moving abroad

    Any one here ever moved abroad? Im moving to Hungary in like 3/4 months time and just want to know what you done to meet people and what you do in your free time ect.
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    Wtf has happened to the internet

    Internet fuxked, home. WiFi down data struggling and most of the servers from Facebook to xbox all offline.
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    Taxi for Ohare.

    Pointless thread just want to piss the biamou haters off after one individual mistake.
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    Another terror attack in Europe.

    Terror attack in Vienna Austria, no facts released but said 7 people Dead, videos going around of a guy with ak4u and hand gun shouting alluh akbar.
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    Canzuk Trade deal Europe style travel Involving Canada UK Australia New Zealand
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    Best TV shows or movies you can recommend

    So I'm off work for 2 weeks due to holiday being cancelled even though working from home, Nothing to do so drop some suggestions I'm in 3 days in and bored shitless.
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    Bournemouth predictions?

    I've had us down as not winning a single game yet, so happy with the 4 points but I have a strong gut feeling 3-1 the mighty city. Bournemouth in free fall and I can't see them recovering this season.
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    Match Thread Barnsley Match Thread

    Had two of there players sent off today so good news for us I guess.
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    New call of duty multilayer ga eplay

    6pm, livestream will be around if anyone is intrested.
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    Ivan toney

    Apparently joined Brentford for 10 million, with Watkins heading to the prem.
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    Weight and working out

    Anyone here had there own weight loss story? Im currently in the process of my weight loss journey started 2020 at 170kg currently 139kg, about to diet and trying to find people who are or who have lost weight to talk and what not .
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    Good news for us but bad for others.

    Listening to darragh macanthonys podcast it seems he has accepted the fact the league will be called at the vote next week and his Peterborough United will be league one and tramere will be league 2. Shame the way Peterborough has been ran the past 5 years is amazing and have no doubt they will...
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    Ipswich trouble

    Anyone know what happened with the lady steward who apparently got punched? Putting a bad name out there for us.
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    Sunderland fans crying "again"

    Will they ever get over it? Every time i take a browse in there from to see if they have score predictions I come across a new thread it's actually hilarious. Explained - Why do Sunderland fans hate Coventry City and Jimmy Hill? ^ incase you want a peak yourselves.
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    Running late need a parking spot close to vicaridge road any ideas don't mind paying.
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    Any transfer news/rumours?

    I know we've been linked with Enobakare and tyler walker but have we been linked to anyone else, since all these are dying down very fast.