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    C’mon everyone let’s be aving ya!!!
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    Bristol City Captain

    Anyone listened to the Bristol city captain recording going around on WhatsApp just now regarding the EFL meeting? High level summary is... - Season unlikely to finish - Jan 21 start for next season - Top three clubs promoted - no relegation - More teams relegated after next season to...
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    Pubs with i follow

    Anyone know if their are boozers showing the game today in Cov?
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    A message to Mark Robins

    Please, please, please will you stop with this playing out from the back. It’s creating more problems than solutions and if we are not careful we will have players not suited to playing this way losing confidence. It’s fashionable doing this but only the elite clubs can do this... we’re league 1...
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    We are two wide from winning this league

    Anyone agree?
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    Train question

    Apologies if this has been done to death but last minute change means going by train today... is there a train that goes near at Andrews or where is the best place to get off? cheers! PUSB
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    Friday night phone in

    Christ!!! How shite is the Friday night phone in!!! 40 minutes of Clive talking ... one call in that time. It was a superb listen 20 years ago. how I wish rob gurney was back on bbc cwr.
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    Watford Parking

    Any suggestions where to park at Watford?
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    Cllr GGeorge Duggins

    is he the major problem here? Is he the puppet that is also directing Wasps in all this along with the councils approach is slowing anything down regarding CCFC? I despise SISU don’t get me wrong but if SISU did put a four page pile of shite application in (whatever) to the council, why don’t...
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    Luke Thomas

    just a thought for Mark Robins..... Thomas has a left foot, just one foot that he can play football with so fucking well play him on the left hand side of midfield where he can can down the wing and cross a bloody ball in without stopping/cutting back in/shooting with his weaker foot! It’s...
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    Wasps 18/19FY Financial Results

    can anyone confirm when there financial results are expected to be released in the new year?
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    As predicted wasps getting another thumping at half time at home to Bath. I said that the financial noose around there neck will start to effect the quality they put out on the pitch!
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    Will Gary Hoffman...

    make another move now hopefully the court cases are over? Offer wasps for a half of the Ricoh for instance? They can’t afford to pay the £30m back so a half sale would help both sides?
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    Poor old wasps!!!

    ha ha ha come on Leinster !!!
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    Brandon Mason

    Thought he looked excellent today at times. Reminded me of Danny rose at times and although he made the odd mistake thought he will be some player given time.
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    DVD release date?

    Anyone have any idea if there’s a dvd to be released shortly and not 12 months later!? Good present coming up to Father’s Day.
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    Wembley tonight...

    Brilliant sight...
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    Weather forecast for Wembley...

    Met says 24 degrees and sunny at Wembley tomorrow afternoon.
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    So proud...