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  1. regis...4-3!!

    Cov Welsh Parking

    Cheers. when's it going up to £7?
  2. regis...4-3!!

    Cov Welsh Parking

    Has anyone parked at the Cov Welsh Rugby Club for matches? Was wondering what time you need to be there to get parking, and is it easy to get out of the car park after the game?
  3. regis...4-3!!

    Scoreboard Tribute before the game!!

    Amazing Tribute. Top marks to the club for doing this. So sad to see so many people. Forever Sky Blue Army.
  4. regis...4-3!!

    Having a sort out

    Thought I played in this game but don't appear in the photo. Are any players missing from the sides, or maybe I've been screenshot out...
  5. regis...4-3!!

    Sky blue iguanas

    Looks like red and black stripes to me
  6. regis...4-3!!

    New song/Chant

    Here's the Chant....
  7. regis...4-3!!

    Fisher on Talksport any minute

    Sent my complaint to Talksport about Danny Murphy too.
  8. regis...4-3!!

    Fisher on Talksport any minute

    Danny Murphy. Great time for a joke. Our club is on a cliff edge, but still time fir a cracking joke.
  9. regis...4-3!!

    Fisher on Talksport any minute

    Great reply from I think the Cov fan. He should have done the interview not Jim White. The drunk guy knew more than the presenter! What a waste of an interview. No clue.
  10. regis...4-3!!

    Sunderland relegated haha

    ''In the whole of 2017, Sunderland took the lead three times in home league games. The first time, against Bolton, it lasted three minutes and within 10 minutes they were behind. The second time, against Millwall, it lasted four minutes and within eight minutes they were behind. The third time...