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    Transfer Embargo

    Maybe the 10 have held their hands up now to avoid an embargo in the summer knowing they had no business planned for January, the rest waiting for an investigation?
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    Transfer Embargo

    Wouldn’t it be linked to FFP, or whatever the EFL version is called. Expenditure as a % of turnover, given our turnover will be shirt sales and sponsorship only its hardly surprising if we have breached some sort of covenant, it sounds like most club in the championship has and we’ve decided to...
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    Whilst we expect 20/21 accounts to make even worse reading remember all the handouts they’ll have in those accounts to soften the blow. Players on furlough, commonwealth games handout, sports support package etc
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    Match Day Experience

    I went to a wasps game many moons ago, they had a “fan zone” in one of the exhibition halls, bars all round, stuff for kids, big screens showing early kick offs etc. Think they had an Irish band playing as it was vs Leinster, not saying we need a band but somewhere to drink and watch games en...
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    There's a reason it's on BT. If sky want something, they get it, the fact they've never gone all in on Premiership Rugby Union tells you all you need to know
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    Looking bad for Villa....who do we want?

    As Norwich rolls round, thoughts of Pukki come to mind and this ludicrous statement from "the CWR phone in chappy is pretending he is a football guru". Apology and admittance that you were wrong on a postcard will be fine, just sign it off "yours sincerely, Clown."
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    Wasps rescued again

    Their business model is still far from fixed, all these handouts are just allowing them to kick the can down the road
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    Mark Robins... One of coventrys greatest ever managers

    We're a long way off achieving this, but has any manager ever taken the same club from the 4th tier to the top tier? I cant think of anyone in the Prem era? Theres been a few from L1 to Prem, Adkins and Wilder spring to mind. anyone done the whole lot?
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    Jamie Allen

    Hilsner will get an opportunity when he’s ready
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    Max v Baka

    If it was to start as a partner alongside Godden I'd choose Max, however that's not how we start games, and if we did, or when we do switch to that mid way through games it'll be Walker and Godden. All being well either will only be subs so for that reason it would be Baka, stretches the game...
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    Match Thread Bristol City V Coventry City

    From what I saw of them last season they were very much a counter attack side who sat back and let the opposition have the ball. That ay have changed aft Johnson left, If not it could be a game where we have a fair share of the ball but could get punished if we don't do much with it.
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    Robins best ever signing

    Kelly and Hyam currently. Special mention to Doyle, without Doyle there probably wouldn't have been McNulty. Without those two there probably wouldn't have been L2 promotion.
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    The official NFL Thread

    Got a strange level of optimism for the WFT going into our opener, sounds like Philly have quite a few injuries, excited to see what our defence can do and how Haskins is improving
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    The official NFL Thread

    Piping sound into the stadiums I believe is the plan, although same level throughout which as you said takes away advantage that the likes of Seattle, KC and NO can create. Wonder if the NFL will address that before the season starts. Teams like the chargers could have a big advantage, their...
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    Back in training after a week off, we’ve had a freindly against an old firm team, built an almost complete squad, another televised friendly on Saturday, the trophy has been doing the round with SBITC. the club clearly isn’t desperate for cash, no need to rush out ST details until wehave A...
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    Be interresting to see the take up in tickets paid/free when they are allowed back in. Football fans usually more passionate and expect most chomping at the bit to get back in a stadium. I’d imagine someone who has free tickets and takes the kids as something to do or a couple of mates that...
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    W*sps in the shit?

    CCC’s 5m will keep them afloat for now
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    Salary Caps

    People will always find ways to bend the rules until they eventually break. Backhanders, shares, bonds etc will top up wages. See Saracens
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    There will have to be a re-think

    Pricing for ifollow will be interesting, I cant see it being the £10 per game it has been previously, considering most will watch with family of friends, each "buy" will likely be watched by say £40-50 worth of "lost/missed" ticket revenue. Expect the membership Boddy has talked about will get...