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  1. DannyThomas_1981

    Summer signings/loans - Ratings so far

    Hamer 9 Osti 9 Walker 7 (really looking forward to seeing how he works with God/promising signs of a partnership with Max) McCallum 7 O'Hare 7 Giles 7 (I like him a lot and rate him highly as a wing back - gives us real pace - brilliant at...
  2. DannyThomas_1981

    Listen to me, just hear me out.....

    Taxi for Robins (December 2019) Max is shite and a pub player (been hearing that nonsense for 3 years) Taxi for Robins (November 2020), Neal and Gouldy evidenced as better managers for some unknown reason We can't defend with 3 at the back (December 2020)....let's play 4 and negate our wing...
  3. DannyThomas_1981

    Fuming 1st December

    Who's fuming right now and why? -Downsy's bias? -Camp's man-bun? -Max scored but it wasn't a header from the half way line so doesn't count? -Sheaf smiled at training in August - bomb him off to the Memorial? -That taxi I ordered for Robins is bankrupting me -Kelly took a selfie with a fan -...
  4. DannyThomas_1981

    2020-21 Early Season Sky Blues Talk Half-Truths and Theories.....

    I fully predict to read at various times this season: Giles can't defend Sheaf is a laughing mercenary McFadz has been found out/past it 3 centre backs doesn't work in this division - let's bin it and go 4-4-2 No fucking around at the back Marosi - launch it The team isn't big enough for this...
  5. DannyThomas_1981

    Starters at this time

    Obviously will change due to incomings but see the following as starters: GK: Marosi RWB: Dabo 3 CBs: 3 from Dacosta/McFadz/Rose/Hyam/Pask. You could make a good case for any of those players to start. LWB: Giles 3 CMs: Hamer, Kelly, Allen AM: O'Hare CF: Godden
  6. DannyThomas_1981

    Complete this video

    I can't tell you how much I love this video - literally sends shivers down my spine. Which memorable moments from the last 3 seasons would you now add to this video? I'd go for: -FA Cup away at MK; crowd celebrations after Max's goal -Notts County second leg; Max's goal that put us clear after...
  7. DannyThomas_1981

    City Bosses Stupidly Fired - Take No Taxis

    Eric Black Gordon Milne - although not sure why he left to be honest? Sillett - no way to treat a club legend and replacing him with Butcher was a disgrace
  8. DannyThomas_1981

    Best Loans XI - Pay No Cash

    Stockdale Duffy (legendary loanee) Chris Whyte (brilliant in his one game for us, 5-0 vs. Blackburn) McCallum Chris Marsden Walsh Maddison (admittedly useless on loan but I'm not going to miss out one of the Premierhship's biggest stars) Henderson Partridge (before McAllister's tactics ruined...
  9. DannyThomas_1981

    City's Biggest Transfer Disaster - Burn the Cash

    This is obviously a highly competitive list. In terms of money spent, money we got back and very little contribution on the pitch, Kevin Drinkell or Kevin Kyle have to be in with a pretty good shout. Many contenders. Discuss.
  10. DannyThomas_1981

    Shagger's XI - Take the p***y

    Peter Ndlovu - Captain, Manager, Legend Patrick Suffo
  11. DannyThomas_1981

    City's Hardest XI - Take No Prisoners

    Lots of good candidates for this one and I'm sure I'm missing some impressive names on the team sheet. Take no prisoners XI: Sealey. In a position marked by craziness, Les (RIP) took it to whole new levels. East London gangster swagger so could phone some heavy connections if anything...
  12. DannyThomas_1981

    22nd February Relegation Battle

    It's the 22nd February. We're just one win way from relegation being an absolutely impossibility. Including Tranmere winning their next 13 games. This has been a remarkable season - kudos to Robins, his coaching team, the fantastic performances on the pitch and not least our amazing fans who...
  13. DannyThomas_1981

    Listen to me, hear me out 3

    I was the visionary who wanted Mowbray out before anyone else. Robins is useless at signing strikers - just look at Godden - it's a disgrace. 1 up front never works, let's play hoof ball. Taxi for Robins!!! Signed: Grendel.
  14. DannyThomas_1981

    Top 3 SBT Memorable Moments 2019

    In no particular order I'd go for: 1. Hickman's video scandal ('10 Bags Bayliss' and 'deep pockets') 2. 'Shut up or I'll rape your owl' 3. The boat/James 4. And as a bonus just to throw in a classic from December 2017: 'Taxi on the way for Mr. Robins' (Grendel)
  15. DannyThomas_1981

    CWR Ratings

    Clive. 7. I admit it. I like him. Clearly is passionate about the team and does his homework. He's also less excitable these days (prior to this season he would go mental if the oppo got the ball 30 yards from goal which made listening to the commentary on the radio in days gone by a...
  16. DannyThomas_1981


    Marosi 7. Decent. Punched a few he could have caught. Dabo 7. Typically energetic. Important for us. Attitude and aggression. Rose 7. Assured. Hyam 7. Assured. Drysdale 5. Shaky first half. Out paced. Decent second. Mason 8. I actually prefer him to McCallum. Eccles 6. Decent second half...
  17. DannyThomas_1981

    Best displays against us at HR

    Following on from the goalie thread: Best individual performance I saw was Shearer against us in one of his early games for Blackburn. Peak Shearer before he was injured and lost pace. A masterclass in centre forward play - he was unstoppable. Movement and technical skills on another...
  18. DannyThomas_1981


    Marosi 7 - not tested. could not be faulted for their goal. Dabo 7 - hard not to like his energy and drive Rose 6 - very comfortable, 1 misplaced pass to Marosi Hyam 6 - very comfortable, not tested McCallum 8 - a real talent Westbrooke 7 - doesn't grab the headlines but does his job...
  19. DannyThomas_1981

    St. Andrews first visit

    First time yesterday as I live overseas. I hear lots of negatives about some of our fans at matches on here - and I have no doubt that we have a few idiots in our fan base. But all the fans I met yesterday were good blokes and very sound - starting with the young lads we spoke too on the train...
  20. DannyThomas_1981

    Brian Kilkline story

    From 59.40...... Interesting on a couple of counts: 1. how highly Killer was regarded at Newcastle 2. it's a belter of a story