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  1. Londonccfcfan

    Loyalty points

    Just watching the liverpool Man city game. And just thinking hypothetically if we go up. ( yes massive if). Even if it's in years to come. Will be a lottery to get premier league tickets. As we would have 15k plus season ticket holders. The club just has to show loyalty to those that bought a...
  2. Londonccfcfan

    This league is wide open.

    No disrepsect to any of the teams that have come down, but my god they are nothing special at all as they have shown in the first 11 games. Is there anybody we actually fear? When do we start believing! Fulham : already lost 3, we wernt even at our best and thrashed them. West Brom : Seen...
  3. Londonccfcfan

    Whos is our penalty taker this season

    Be very interesting to see who takes it. Gykores has missed one important one. But he's on fire.
  4. Londonccfcfan

    Potential Coventry Internationals

    Looking ahead, with continued success. Can see the following getting international recognition potential call ups. Gyokores - Sweden.. already been there in past. Kane - Scotland....didnt realise his Scottish connection until that Sun article. Hyam - Scotland...Continues as he is.....who...
  5. Londonccfcfan

    The spine

    Moore Macfadz Hamer Ohare Gyokores Need to keep these guys fit. But that is as decent as they get at this level barring the top 3 teams...and best we seen in a long while. Is this spine really that good or do we just have a damn good first TEAM .
  6. Londonccfcfan

    Squad Depth

    Whilst our first team has made a great start to this season iceing on the cake the football being played a joy to watch. The Squad depth is huge concern. We have about 16 players at this level. Some are injured. Already picking up lots of yellows. Back up in defence is concerning. Do we...
  7. Londonccfcfan

    Robins era best signing

    Its been just over 4 years since he transformed us. Who's for you has been his his flagship/best/ or most influential signing during his tenure. Contenders Doyle Mcnulty Biamou Hyam Walsh Marosi Kelly McFadzen Ohare Godden Dabo Don't think I missed anyone else worthy of the...
  8. Londonccfcfan

    Passion, desire and commitment.

    Don't think it was there tonight. Not often if at all said that ever during Robins reign. For me they didn't want it enough tonight, there were no leaders out there tonight. No one looked hurt or pissed off enough tonight. We are a nice team to play against. Half hearted display.
  9. Londonccfcfan

    Form table

    Last 6 and 8 games form guide Top 10. Wow.
  10. Londonccfcfan

    Walker and Godden

    Who else thinks When these 2 are fully fit and play up top together.(Surely they will)? We have more than enough ammunition to keep us up. Seen very promising signs from Walker last few games.
  11. Londonccfcfan

    League one Friday/Saturday

    Come on Rochdale!
  12. Londonccfcfan

    8 Games in 32 days

    Between 28th Jan. Fleetwood (a) and 29th February; Sunderland(H). We play 8 games in 32 days! Games coming thick and fast. Playing Tuesday/Saturday almost every week! Point is we really do not need a replay in the fa cup! Which would be another game 9 games in 32 days would really stretch our...
  13. Londonccfcfan

    Ipswich town

    Played Exeter in the EFL trophy today. Lost 2-1.. Exeter made 10 changes from their team whilst Ipswich were relatively strong. They havnt won a single game in their last 12 matches since early November. One of the huge early favourites for promotion. Wheels truly falling off. They are...
  14. Londonccfcfan

    Doing the football league 92 with Cov

    Hi All, Im one of the lucky thousands of Cov fans who have followed our club during some of the Premier League inception days right down to the days of hopefully never repeated League 2 (Morecambe etc). Some games I just wish I went to (Spurs away to stay up final day of season). Some of my...
  15. Londonccfcfan

    Sunderland (Away)

    Cant wait for this one! What will be the away allocation! Ive just booked my flights £70 quid return From LHR, much cheaper than train!
  16. Londonccfcfan

    Barnsley (Away) Tickets

    Just two weeks away when do these go on sale?
  17. Londonccfcfan

    Unforgettable season

    Been busy framing...something to remember the mostly good and bad times.
  18. Londonccfcfan

    I’m Sorry Burge

    For all your minor faults. What a save! And how well did you command your box with those punches! I was wrong.
  19. Londonccfcfan

    Penalty takers friday night?

    You would think they will be practicing these all week. Who would be our our first 5? Assuming they on the pitch after 120 mins. Another thing MR has to factor in. My order would be All about bottle and nerve. McNulty JCH Kelly Shipley Doyle Bayliss Rod Reid Definately not
  20. Londonccfcfan

    Are we going up?

    Very simple thread no need to elaborate too much, a simple yes or no would even suffice. Just trying to gauge after 2 defeats and 1 point from 9 what the mindset of our fans is as it stands, as other results have given us a lifeline. Do you feel promotion in your bones? Is it our destiny to...