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    Match Day routine / Pubs

    Tomorrows my first trip to St Andrews, where do people drink? Where do you go? Apologies if this has been asked before.
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    EFL Analytics Blog

    An interesting read, goes a bit beyond the usual pundit / fan view. EFL L1 – Who are the best creative passers in the league?
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    All or Nothing, Amazon Prime.

    Anyone watched this, it's a documentary following a sports team throughout a year, so far it's done Arizona Cardinals, LA Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Michigan Wolverines and the All Blacks. As of yesterday they dropped the new series which followed Man City last season. It's interesting to watch from...
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    Twin Peaks The Return.

    Anyone watch, watching, watched the finale last night, anyone have any thoughts?
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    Rooted Phone

    I have a Nexus 5, an excellent phone and still viable today despite being released in 2013, however its definitely becoming a little bit laggy and the performance is decreasing. Therefore I have thought about installing a Custom rom on the phone to allow it to run Android 7, Has anybody ever...
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    £5 Notes

    Anyone had a fancy serial number ie AK47, AA01 etc?
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    More to come

    More exclusives to come from the Cov Observer today.
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    Transfer news today

    So, in amongst all the Mowbray out rumours, Aidan McCartney tweeted that Mowbray did indeed conduct his post match press duties and that he gave some positive news regarding incoming signings ( proper signings, not loans) The news will be revealed in the Telegraph today.
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    Bye Tony

    Mowbray on SSN " I'll walk away from the club if the owners wont match my ambition" Hockaday in the Summer!!
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    Sheff Wednesday Takeover, Madine and Kirkland

    Sheff Weds has just been took over by a rich Thai businessman, apparently he is worth $460 million. Could this help us in our plight to get Madine and Kirkland?
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    Jim Cunningham Speaks Paul Knowles, of moderate fans' forum GMK Online and the popular Nil Lamptey fans' podcast show, said: "An independent source should examine and bring out into the open...
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    Coventry Observer Fans view. A decent piece.
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    Who was.....

    The councillor who valued the councils stake of ACL at 24 million?
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    The Pitch.

    I wonder how it will hold up. WBA under 21's were due to play on it this week, we are at home on Saturday and the ladies are due to play on it Sunday....
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    Wilson in talks with Bournemouth and Norwich

    League 2 here we come!
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    Leicester Under 21's to play at the Ricoh tomorrow.

    Make of that, what you will..... Personally I think its a disgrace.
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    Paddy Madden 300 k

    Scunthorpe have had a 300 k bid accepted for Paddy Madden, I wonder if we are still interested?
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    How difficult is it.......

    To get to London? Answer: not very, close thread and move on.
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    Dan Seabourne

    On loan, can play centre half or left back
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    Les Reid Exclusive INterview with Seppalla....

    CCFC EXCLUSIVE: Political reporter Les Reid last night spent nearly three hours interviewing Sisu boss Joy Seppala at the hedge fund's HQ in London. In her first ever media interview about the club, she speaks candidly about the stadium row, their current situation at Sixfields, and their...