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  1. Coventry La La La

    League of Legends (PC Game)

    Not sure if anyone in here is interested in gaming but I run a UK community group for LoL on Facebook it's an open group so feel free to browse and join if you're interested in the game, my in game name is Gankicus if anyone ever fancies playing...
  2. Coventry La La La

    Wii U:Nintendo announce 2 new Zelda game's

    Zelda maestro Eiji Aonuma then appeared to discuss one of the biggest reveals at the press conference; two new Zelda games coming to Wii U. Zelda Windwaker HD : Zelda game: The Windwaker will be re-released on the Wii U in stunning HD, the original game has been out over 10 years now it was...
  3. Coventry La La La

    Sheffield UTD v CCFC highlights?

    Does anybody know if the highlights will be available today via skybluesplayer, skysports goal centre or youtube? please share a link if you find a link to the highlights. :)
  4. Coventry La La La

    Coventry v PNE Live stream

    Has anybody got a link for tonights game? :wave:
  5. Coventry La La La

    Moussa on SSN goal of the week again Hopefully he can win it again. ;) Same drill as last time, everybody vote for Moussa again. :)
  6. Coventry La La La

    'Sky Blues special to me' - McGoldrick

    Striker says Coventry City holds a special place in his heart after emphatic loan spell Striker David McGoldrick has said that Coventry City will always have a place in his heart – wherever his future lies. The 25-year-old striker is...
  7. Coventry La La La

    Fisher pays tribute to fans

    Sky Blues chief exec pays homage to fans' influence on recent results Coventry City Chief Executive Tm Fisher has paid a New Year tribute to Sky Blues supporters after an unbeaten December. Saturday's win at Milton Keynes moved the club...
  8. Coventry La La La

    4000 Registered SBT members

    The site has just hit 4000 registered members. I created a thread just over 1 year ago when the site hit 2000 registered members since then it has doubled and had a huge increase in active users and guests visiting the site. A huge thank you to all those who contribute and keep this site...
  9. Coventry La La La

    Spartacus: War of the damned

    New season starts next month January 25th 2013, It will be the final season of the series. - Season 3 Trailer -
  10. Coventry La La La

    Stevenage 1 - Coventry 3 Extended highlights (youtube)
  11. Coventry La La La

    Coventry version of TOWIE to be filmed in city :(

    FIRST, the only way was Essex, then Chelsea and Newcastle, now the reality TV cameras are coming to Coventry. After the success of shows like TOWIE, Made In Chelsea and Geordie Shore, viewers could soon be catching up with some of the characters who make Coventry tick. Called Sent To...
  12. Coventry La La La

    Gears of War Judgement (GoW4) release month confirmed

    The pre-quel to Gears of War series (GoW1,2 and 3) named Gears of War judgement is set during the events of emergence day (The day the Locusts rised). The game has a confirmed release date for March 2013. World Premier trailer -
  13. Coventry La La La

    Dragonborn - Skyrim game add-on Next big game add on for the elder scrolls Skyrim. :) - New large in depth main quest - New wepons & Armor - Dragons will become mountable (if you fancy a fly around Skyrim) - more details will be released on other content comming with the large...
  14. Coventry La La La

    The Elder Scrolls -Online- No confirmed release date but confirmed to be 2013, anybody else looking forward to this? I really enjoyed Oblivion and Skyrim and this game opens up all the other areas of the game, should be intresting. :)
  15. Coventry La La La

    John Fleck given the all clear.
  16. Coventry La La La

    Callum Ball on SBP

    Callum Ball on SkyBluesPlayer "4-4-2 made us look allot better as a side" "Players have built confidence from Arsenal performance" "Robins been brilliant since he come in, everybody's looking forward to training" "When I first come here there were no fines which was allot different to my...
  17. Coventry La La La

    Live stream Stevenage?

    If anybody finds a live stream for today's game can you please post it here, thanks. :)
  18. Coventry La La La

    Lee Clarke

    Sacked in the morning? Birmingham fans arn't going to give him much time by the looks of it.,1022912
  19. Coventry La La La

    Poll: Who should be next manager of Coventry City?

    Vote in the poll above
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    Poll: Who should be next Coventry City manager?

    Please vote on the poll above. "Sorry If I've missed your choice out, please comment with your choice"