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  1. Grendel

    Poster gone missing - really worried about him - thought I'd start a thread

    Sky Blue Pete hasn't started a thread in the last 8 hours - I am really worried about him Has anyone seen him - is he OK?
  2. Grendel

    Italia horse lives!

    I couldn’t help myself - 5th ban coming I’m sure,17045555,17048668,quote=1#REPLY
  3. Grendel

    Passport Control

    Me totally opposed - this is a slippery slope we will do but never should
  4. Grendel

    The Very Curious Case of Julian Assange

    It is a rather strange world we occupy I think when people are of shall we say a liberal persuasion on here but no one mentions the human rights violations of Julian Assange Let’s quantify this. I have no like for this man who was very happy to Chuck informants under a bus and make financial...
  5. Grendel

    Sheaf the Kaiser

    10 out of 10 for sheaf second half. Thank god we were forced to sign him against our will
  6. Grendel

    Changing Rooms is back

    So lovely to see a time honoured classic is back - with old foppy Bowen looking as absurd as ever. Lots of changing rooms on here as well A rather dull and tired 1942 film entitled Ring of Steel has adopted COV as his change A little bear from Nutwood is enjoying a bit of a slow poke Now...
  7. Grendel

    Recruitment Model

    People constant refer to out recruitment model of unearthing talent to sell on to sustain the clubs finances going forward I assume as rumours circulate about our 4th 30 something signing this fabled strategy is no more
  8. Grendel

    End of Woke News?

    Given the clear bias the BBC, ITV and most all Channel Bore towards the woke and the left it’s great to see Andrew Neil - the most talented political broadcaster we have - fronting a superb new channel which will show news as it really is...
  9. Grendel

    Something to lift the gloom

    A picture of true love as we emerge from these dark times to cheer you all up
  10. Grendel

    Max Biamou and a place in the sun

    hasn’t been a thread for a few minutes where’s Max going on holiday?
  11. Grendel

    Who wears the Pseudo Silk Kimono - Shipley or Biamou?

    Jordan Shipley scores a goal at the weekend and it seems there is far far more focus on his goal celebration than the goal. Meanwhile on the local radio station a fan clamours for the return to the starting line up for Max Biamou and cites his contribution in a game that he won a penalty in. He...
  12. Grendel

    Nazanin Radcliffe

    I don’t know if it’s just me but this really is a scandal This person clearly is a pawn in a game for the Iran government and the lack of serious response from the U.K. government is shameful I also don’t want this to develop either into some argument about Johnson and his time as Foreign...
  13. Grendel


    I’d find it hard to believe Brighton want him. We should sign him even if it’s a loan next season surely I’m mystified why we’ve hardly played him. He’s pretty rough and ready but he’s big physical and can score goals Old fashioned blunder-bus sort but has to be worth a punt surely
  14. Grendel

    Taxi cancelled for Robins

    He should just be told to walk home He’s out of ideas and we are sliding fast. He’s not good enough at this level and he’s also like most managers stubborn and one dimensional That performance was inexcusable - his January transfers are shite and his stubborn refusal to acknowledge even...
  15. Grendel

    I apologise for saying Matty James flatters to deceive

    I was wrong. He’s not even that good. What a waste of a signing
  16. Grendel


    Did well I thought surprised lack of praise on here (I will cease at this point but thought about dedicating one to Jules)
  17. Grendel


    Played really well I thought - surprised he didn’t get much praise on here
  18. Grendel

    Who is Big Dave?

    So now someone in the know says Boddy posts on here A develpment - who is he?
  19. Grendel

    Flatter to Deceive

    Is it just me or is Matty James distinctly underwhelming?
  20. Grendel

    Surely we can find someone better than Bakayoko

    Oddly I hardly start threads about individual players but if that’s the best the guy can do when he must know his career is on the line - well it’s a shocker People say we have no budget. We may as well take a punt on a national league player if that’s the case. It’s pretty embarrassing when an...