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    Trying to watch ‘as live’ after a game

    I’m flying off on holiday at 15.10 on Saturday so am going to miss the match on iFollow. Has anyone watched a game on iFollow after the live without finding out the score and if so what’s the best way to do it please? Thought about giving my phone to my wife and seeing if she can navigate the...
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    Hamer's heading

    Another great performance from Hamer who is absolutely purring. For a smaller player, his heading is on another level - memories of Speedie. His headed goal against Watford last season was immense, and he did two crackers tonight: the first to free Kane down the right before Kane crossed for...
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    Just watched all the goals we've conceded: who's to blame?

    Maybe not the best way to spend a couple of hours but I wanted to watch all the goals we've conceded this season to see how many came from obvious mistakes. Every team has their own hard-luck stories but there are so many where we should have done better. Couple of crackers scored against us...
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    Tips for how to watch a game with others over Zoom/Teams

    Morning. A group of us subscribe to iFollow but would like to watch a match together using Zoom, Teams or whatever so we can have a chat and the match is synced for all. I've tried sharing using Zoom and Teams previously but could not get it to work because of how iFollow is set up I assume (I...
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    Next season starts 7 August

    This dropped from the EFL today - not sure if everyone is planning summer holidays yet ... The EFL can confirm the key dates across the League and its competitions for the 2021/22 campaign, with the season set to get underway across the Sky Bet Championship, on the weekend of 7 August 2021...
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    Mansfield, Wycombe, Derby

    While the Brentford performance was better, was yesterday our season-defining result? The Mansfield draw in L2 and the away win at Wycombe in L1 both showed that we had what it took to kick on in the division. Yesterday, coupled with perfect results elsewhere, not only pulled two other teams...
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    Updated - Relegation run-in: all teams' fixtures in a table

    UPDATE: I've edited the table and it now has all fixtures for teams down the bottom bar Wycombe. I've changed colours according to results teams have got: losses in red, draws in orange and wins in green. Derby are still well in it. Original: Had a look around after today's game to see if I...
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    Garry Thompson podcast

    Know this isn't ideal timing ahead of a match but really enjoyed the Garry Thompson What happened to you? podcast. Just before my time, I started going in '85, but some great stories from the early 80s.
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    Favourite moment of the season

    I've followed most of this season on iFollow as I live abroad but was there for two of the many great moments this season: Kastaneer's fantastic goal (especially in light of what followed...) early in the campaign v Bristol Rovers and (one of my favourite City goals of all time) Godden's...
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    CWR going to Wasps

    Just watched the game in Geneva - 5 annoyed Sunderland fans in there which made it better. Was loving reading this and listening to the phone in on the train home but to finish it with a post from a ‘fan’ saying ‘Well done City and good luck Wasps’ as a cue to switch to the rugby comms is a...
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    Where are you watching the game today?

    Hope all of those who are going today have a brilliant day out. We obviously have fans around the world so I was wondering where everyone will be watching from? I'll be going to the Corner Pub in Geneva so anyone is welcome to join if in the area! Looking forward to flying back for the...
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    Any coaches going to Cheltenham Gold Cup?

    Morning. A couple of us have tickets for the Gold Cup on Friday 13th March. Does anyone know any pubs in Coventry laying on coaches for this please? I know the Hearsall do one but that's for Thursday's racing. Thanks in advance.
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    New one-off striped kit for the play-off final

    Just received this press release from the EFL: Coventry City will wear a one-off strip for the upcoming League Two Play-Off Final fixture against Exeter City, having exhausted their supply of existing kit for the 2017/18 season. With this season’s kit no longer available, the Club will wear...
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    Overseas fans can watch all games live next season

    Evening. This arrived as a press release earlier. Those of us living abroad can watch all matches live for £110 per season. Currently paying four quid a month for SkyBluesPlayer so not bad at all. The EFL has today unveiled iFollow, an innovative digital live streaming and content platform...
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    EFL final press release/match info

    I am on the Football League mailing list and they sent this out as a media advisory today. There is some guff in here but some good stats re attendances/records. 2016/17 CHECKATRADE TROPHY The competition ·The revised format was introduced as a one year pilot and its success in helping clubs...
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    Wycombe cancel 7 Feb league game - SF date?

    Evening. Was looking for the SF date. Sky Sports suggested w/c 20 February but a piece on the Wycombe website says it will be played w/c 6 February, but could be moved if they require a replay against Spurs. They have cancelled their game at Colchester, scheduled for Tuesday 7th February...
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    Draw on Thursday at 11.30

    Morning all. Couldn't find details about the draw anywhere so I contacted the marketing director of the EFL. He confirmed that the draw is live on SSN at 11.30 on Thursday.
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    Geneva/Lausanne-based fans - pub today

    Morning. There are at least four City fans in this part of Switzerland and we'll be meeting up at the Fish in Nyon to watch today's game. Feel free to join if you are in the area.