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    Tip for those taking kids to the game

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    JSB Ticket Help

    I'm trying to buy tickets for myself and 2 lads who are JSBs. Both are in my network. When I come to picking tickets, there is no option for JSB price - just u18 at £15. How do I get their tickets, without having to log into their own accounts?
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    Luton tickets

    Hi all. With it being announced its 1 per season ticket, I need some help if anyone can. Can anyone get me a ticket that isn't going themselves?
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    Match Thread U23s Vs Sphinx tonight

    Free entry - Bar and Food on. 7.30pm Kick Off Are we likely to see any of the fringe players or injury returnees?
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    New JSB Memberships - Help

    I'm trying to order 2 JSB memberships for my 2 lads on the ticket website. I can put them in the basket, but it then asks me to assign them to members. Obviously my lads aren't already members, so the system can't find them. There is no option to enter their details. Anyone come across this...
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    Match Thread Cheltenham Town (A)

    991 tickets available from today. On priority sale now. General Sale on Thursday. Not been here before, so half contemplating it. Many other planning to go?
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    Jodi Jones - Loan out, U23s or 1st Squad

    Just wondering what the general feeling is around Jones. Would he benefit from a 6 month loan to League 1? Does he start with the u23's? Or straight into first team contention?
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    Squad Numbers

    Quite telling that a fair few players don't have squad numbers on their training kit.... The one's we expect to be surplus to requirements.
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    Flags in CBSA

    So has anyone got any experience of taking a flag into stadiums, the Ricoh/CBSA in particular? Or even better, getting it sited permanently? I'm not going to be a regular up there unfortunately, so would happily pass it onto a season ticket holder to take up there.
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    Marquee Striker Signing

    This is the man Ramon Mierez Good age, height, strength, power, heading, finishing, poaching. 22 goals in 31 games. Would command a fee but couldn't imagine it being out of our reach. Great name and Argentinian. What's not to like?
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    Who works there then? I walked through an unnamed department the other day to see SBT open on one screen, spreadsheets open on the others.
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    Pre-Season Friendlies? - L1 Title Celebration?

    Would be nice for us to allowed to play some pre-season games at the CBSS this summer. Can't remember the last time. I don't really understand why we haven't in the recent past unless our rent term didn't have provision for them. League 1 Title Celebration. It's been mentioned on a couple of...
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    Shipping to Cefovid Uganda - GoFundMe

    Hi all, Grove Farm Juniors have collected a load of kit and boots to donate to Cefovid Uganda. However the shipping costs are not cheap. So we are hoping we can "crowdfund" the costs. Rough estimates are around £250, so a couple of quid off everyone would do the trick! Any surplus funds, should...
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    Bayliss - PNE perspective

    Bayliss Interesting debate on our Tom.
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    Special Anniversary

    4 Years ago today our fortunes began to change. On the pitch at least. Happy Tin Pot Anniversary.
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    U23s v Wigan

    Godden, Walker, Dacosta and Marosi start
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    Returning Injurees and U23s

    Thinking as I lay in bed last night. Anyone noticed how we don't use the U23s to give returning first team players minutes before they return to the first team? Rose Dabo Kelly Walker Godden (maybe?) I would've thought it would be beneficial for them to be playing a few minutes in that...
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    Ref V Swansea

    Was berated and accused of being a cheat and holding grudges against team by............................ The Swansea manager. That's us not getting any decisions. He'll be out to clear his name. He shouldn't be anywhere near this fixture.
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    Major Decisions

    When were we last awarded a penalty? When did an opposition player last receive a red card?