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  1. Ian1779


    Hi Looking for a new TV for the main lounge. Around 55” - got a budget of around 500-700. Anyone know what good things to look out for spec wise? Cheers
  2. Ian1779

    Having a sort out

    Seeing as we’re on lockdown got roped into tidying up some stuff. Found this from when they used to do those pay to play games at HR... I joined a team last minute from the Letsallsingtogther forum. Wondered if anyone recognised any of the people, or if anyone on here recognised themselves??
  3. Ian1779

    Nintendo Switch

    Hi I’ve just got my 8 year old a switch for his upcoming 9th birthday. After some ideas for suitable games that are relatively age appropriate. I’m wondering about something like: Mario Kart Zelda One of the mario world style games (not sure which is best though) Any suggestions or advice...
  4. Ian1779


    So what happened to the game? Can’t get any sense out of the kids...
  5. Ian1779


    Any ideas on the best place to get a fitted kitchen from? Or would I be better getting one that I can fit, or ask someone to fit for me? Thanks
  6. Ian1779

    Sound Bar for TV

    Am looking at a sound bar for our TV as the speakers are crap. Any advice on what is good? Also connection wise am I better with cabled or is bluetooth good enough?
  7. Ian1779

    ColdWar Steve

    Anyone else seen his work? Been a follower for a couple of years and his other work prior to this. Genius IMO - compelling yet absurd.
  8. Ian1779

    Obscure Sky Blue References

    So having been in Sydney for 4 days, I have managed to see a 'Borrowdale' ferry acrosss Darling Harbour and travel down 'Mowbray' Rd. I'm going to be looking out for other Sky Blue references on my trip. Has anyone else found and equally random references in places?
  9. Ian1779

    Fitbit - Charge 2 or Alta HR?

    The wife wants a new Fitbit, and can't decide between these 2 - does anyone have any experience of either and what they would recommend? Thanks
  10. Ian1779

    How shit is this?

    On a scale from 1-10 - how shit is this speed - I don't really get how it works. Thanks
  11. Ian1779

    Death list 2017

    Shamelessly stolen from someone else. Predict 1 definite, 1 maybe and 1 wildcard. Bruce Forsyth Prince Phillip Harry Styles
  12. Ian1779

    Jake Livermore Such a sad story - good to see some sense from the FA on this one.
  13. Ian1779

    Mr Robot

    Watched the first 2 episodes last night, found it most interesting. Is it worth continuing with? Cheers
  14. Ian1779


    Does anyone know what are the best Kodi add-one to use for both Sports and Movies. Just got it on my Firestick and don't fancy getting all 1200 of them. Also does anyone know of any cool builds around that would be good to use.
  15. Ian1779


    Could it be any more obvious that corruption is rife....?
  16. Ian1779

    Pressley gone

    Parted company apparently... Can't put the link up from work but it's on the offal.
  17. Ian1779


    Really....? Are you that shameless that you can clear Qatar of corruption.. then accuse the English of it?
  18. Ian1779

    Casino Question

    I've never actually been to the Casino before or after a game before, as i've always gone to other places pre and post game (namely Hen Lane), so I don't know anything about it. Do i need to be a member? Is there a dress code (can you wear a City shirt)? Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Ian1779

    Is this a fair deal to return to Ricoh?

    This is what I think would be a fair deal for the club to return to Ricoh on short term deal. SISU pay ACL rent figure that matches Sixfields deal - which IIRC is about £175K SISU pay match day costs as per normal arrangements. SISU responsible for stadium pitch and football facilities...
  20. Ian1779

    A few questions for PWKH

    Seeing as PWKH has turned up to clarify some points for us, would it be so wrong to ask him some questions I have about this saga? I have tried to read as much information as possible but some points just keep sticking in my head. 1. Is it true that ACL received an 'exit fee' from Isle of...