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    Rochdale fans view

    I thought it was us boycotting the game today not Rochdale
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    I'm gonna start this off...

    It's some money and a new team we need not a new manager. Feel really sorry for the guy tbh.
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    Mean while back in court... no bs

    Who cares? Which ever way it goes it's not going to benefit CCFC or the fans
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    I'm a bit the worSE FOR WEAR

    The'll probably get relegated next season and their champions league matches will be like scenes from the Benny Hill show. Hope you put a wedge on them Hackney so you can move to a bedsit in a better area
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    Remaining fixtures

    Too little too late
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    Mowbray needs to go

    Much smaller clubs with much smaller budgets putting us to the sword. Without doubt it's our manager, if he'd of been any good he would never have come here in the first place. Angry, fed up and frustrated, taxi for Mowbray
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    Android Users

    Those that still give a shit after tonight, A very good App for latest score is "live score" on market place. Also supports smart watch. It's that good it was giving me goals notifications before the goals went in watching on sky!
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    More from Anderson

    Operation Premiership Part XXII
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    Mowbray Out Mongs

    People have a right to be angry. After years of dross we all believed this really was going to be our year. For it all just to fall apart as it has done is beyond belief. We have gone from unbeatable to laughing stock and nobody can figure out why
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    Time to go. High flyers to free fall. He's lost the plot
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    Barnsley (away) match thread Tuesday 7.45pm

    Might be time to dig out that Mowbray out thread again :O
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    *** pop **

    Why speak to the monkey when the organ grinder is on Facebook. David Icke has spoken, prepare for life in league one next season X20
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    *** pop **

    Just when we thought it was finally going to be our season it all goes tits up It's hard being a Cov fan, i'm not blaming anybody but just totally frustrated the way things are going. I'm starting to wonder what a did so wrong in a previous life to live with such torture
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    Which would you prefer

    Fair point but with most of us there is only one answer
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    Which would you prefer

    Vile to go down and lester not to win the Premiership, stupid question
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    Are we just a feeder club

    We were a feeder club even in the Premiership, nothing changes other than the price
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    madders gone

    Just said 2m :O
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    have we got the upper hand

    Gotta love Thursday night on the mushrooms
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    Walsall (Home) Match Thread

    If they come for a point they could well sneak it with a bit of luck. If they come to have a go we will thrash them
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    If we get promoted

    They have employed a decent manager what else have they done? I doubt we are paying anything for our loans