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    Update from big dave
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    Squad numbers announced
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    Championship football podcasts

    So with the move up the leagues has anyone got any good podcast recommendations for the championship? I loved the d3/d4 one but obviously thats is of no use now :) Ones I've got so far are not the top 20 and the totally football league show
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    Cov Vs Swindon
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    New deal for shipperz
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    Telegraph bullshit again

    Time for Coventry City and Wasps to secure Ricoh return Another day, another piece about the stadium, another article that doesn't mention the indemnity clause The last paragraph of the article actually makes my blood boil
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    Seat from Highfield road

    Random question of the day, I don't suppose anyone has or knows of anyone/anywhere that would be looking to sell one of the sky blue seats from Highfield road? Would love to have one to put in my garden
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    What a shock... the trust "speak up"

    CCFC fans group call on club as EFL offer to help Ricoh return Fucking self serving bellends the lot of them
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    Telegraph Q&A

    Just posted the below as a question for andy turner for the Q&A, it wont get answered but going to keep on asking it until we get some sort of answer (or i get banned :) ) Hi Andy Fourth week in a row asking this question, hopefully it will be answered this week. Why have the telegraph not...
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    SBT - great Friday afternoon chuckle

    Sky Blue Trust - Sky Blue Trust - Our Aims and Objectives :banghead::banghead::banghead:
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    Tannoy announcement

    Hope someone can help me, taking my lad to his first ever game at the end of the month and want to see if I can get his name announced over the tannoy as it being his first game but got no idea how to go about getting it done. Have had a look on the website but can't see anything, anyone got any...