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    Benjamin Mendy

    Mendy has been charged with rape and has been suspended by Man City
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    Marco Rus

    I have to say this lad impressed me a lot yesterday. He is comfortable receiving the ball in tight areas, takes the ball on the half turn well, moves intelligently to find space and tries to play progressive passes. One example was an exquisite through ball to Godden who should have scored the...
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    Match Thread U23s vs Colchester U23s

    My back feels a bit better at last so going to go and watch tomorrow. Who else is going? I can see Pask, Shipley and a few other fringe players getting a run out. Maybe another hour for Godden?
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    Has joined Grimsby on a season long loan
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    Do you think we will be in a relegation battle?

    Given the feverish debate over our transfer business so far, do you think we are in for a relegation battle or do you think we will finish more comfortably?
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    Transfer Rumour Keinan Davis

    My Villa supporting mate just text me saying we are interested in a loan move for Keinan Davis. A few clubs interested apparently. Probably bullshit as we have four strikers but thought I’d share!
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    Overall Quality Of The Championship

    What are your thoughts about the overall quality of the championship? Do you think the standard is better than when we were last in this league? Teams are littered with players that cost a lot of money in fees and wages and there’s also a lot of fully fledged international players too. After...
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    Without hyping the young lad up too much, I think he could go on to become a very important player for us next season and beyond. Thoughts on Eccles from what you have seen of him so far?
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    Matt Godden

    Has anyone in the history of our wonderful club had better hair than Godden? I did have time for Roland Nillsons follicles but not sure if he’s in the same league as our Matty G
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    Aidy Boothroyd

    I watched England U21’s last night. It reminded me how turgid the football was when he was our manager. He must have some really good friends at the FA to have landed that gig. Utter shite
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    Where’s the match thread?

    No match thread today? We had enough already haha
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    Relegation Battle

    Team expected to be in a relegation battle is in a relegation battle. What a shocker!
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    Big Leo

    Is there any chance we’ll get him on a permanent deal?! My head says no chance but I thought that about O’Hare!
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    Magnus Hedman

    Where would you rank Hedman amongst the goalkeepers who have played for us? Did anyone not rate him?
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    Philippe Clement

    just watching Brugge vs Man Utd and we got a shout out because Clement is the Brugge manager. Shame he couldn’t break into the team under Strachan because from what I remember he weren’t a bad player!
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    If you think Hiwula is rubbish then you are clueless

    His movement, pace and overall footballing ability is quality for this level. The people that have said he’s rubbish are clueless and probably can’t tell their arse from their elbow. Also probably never kicked a ball
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    Football at the Ricoh tonight & tomorrow night

    Hi everyone There are two cup finals at the Ricoh Arena this week; the first of which is this evening when Woodlands FC take on Chelmsley Town in the Coventry Charity Cup. Tomorrow's final again features Woodlands FC; who take on AEI Rugby in the final of the Telegraph Cup. Both games kick...
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    Gareth Bale Bid Made

    Real Madrid have officially offered over £85m for Gareth Bale. If I was Spurs I'd snap their hands off. he's a top quality player but with that money you can build a very good side to challenge for honours
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    Latest Les Reid tweet

    4m Big day for #CCFC 2moro. Picking up hints CVA to end admin WON'T be signed. More on that in morning, He is usually spot on so it looks like yet another twist is to come tomorrow