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  1. J

    Ryan Giles

    Anyone else think he should be given a chance ahead of McCallum looks like he has a bit more pace and power and a good left foot and mcCallum has struggled going forward last few weeks in my opinion although he is quite solid defensively.
  2. J

    London tubes

    Anyone else getting a tube tomorrow for the game? I’m a bit worried about coronavirus if I’m honest but I’m still gonna go, just wondered what everyone else thought of the risks of the spread on London undergrounds.
  3. J

    Tonight’s game

    Looks like tickets have sold fairly well compared to normal blocks 35,33 and 27 sold out and not many left in 28
  4. J

    Portsmouth (H)

    Shaping up to be a massive game. Both teams in form and I think they are now one of the teams to beat in this division. I think this could be a season-defining game to be honest.
  5. J

    Birmingham train stations

    Do Cov fans normally get off at bordesly or new street? I’m getting off at new street for Saturday but obviously bordesly is closer to st Andrews just wondered which was more popular with Cov fans who don’t drive or get official club travel.
  6. J

    James Maddison

    Probably been covered already but does anyone know if we get any money if Leicester sell Maddison- like a “next club sell on fee” ?