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  1. clint van damme

    Rick Astley plays the songs of the Smiths

    First a global pandemic, now this.
  2. clint van damme

    Serious incident Corporation St

    Anyone know what's happened?
  3. clint van damme

    Block 26 (ish) incident

    Fella had a heart attack start of the game. They were working on him but it didn't look good. Had a couple of kids with him was an horrific incident. I fear the worse but hope he's OK. For the religious among us, maybe offer a prayer
  4. clint van damme

    does anyone know why...........

    there was a fella with bagpipes and wearing a kilt on the corner of Four pounds Avenue/Allesely old road earlier?
  5. clint van damme

    Justice for the 97?
  6. clint van damme

    City 4 Everton 1

    just saw this cracking little video on Twitter, what a day!
  7. clint van damme

    Man U fans inside Old Trafford

    protesting against the Glazers. Looks like a couple of them have got the carry out, haha!
  8. clint van damme

    they've got to be joking?!

  9. clint van damme

    20k at FA Cup final

    no idea how reliable this is
  10. clint van damme

    Good news for Cov?

    Looks like things are moving with the potential battery factory in Baginton and there are plans to turn the Ikea building into a huge art hub. Please make both happen
  11. clint van damme

    Happy valentines day

    you shower of romantic bastards!
  12. clint van damme

    Next door

    Anyone signed up to this? Meant to be nuts. Started the registration process but didn't finish it and now they're bombarding me to complete it!
  13. clint van damme

    Article on town centre development
  14. clint van damme

    Wilder resigns

    Done q great job but it's all gone pear shaped this year.
  15. clint van damme

    George Hudson passed away

    bit before my time but I know he's a legend to those a bit older than me. RIP.
  16. clint van damme

    build round the fucker
  17. clint van damme

    Explosion in Avonmouth

    at least 4 dead. Chemical tank exploded apparently. Hope there's no more casualties but it doesn't sound promising.
  18. clint van damme

    Vari focals

    Just got my first pair. Evil bastards. I'm going to look like Marty Feldman by the end of the week Any tips for taming these fuzzy bastards?
  19. clint van damme

    OldCoventry on Twitter

    For those that haven't heard of it they post pictures of Coventry from the past. Been on a posting spree today and they've posted some absolute gems for anyone who's intersted in that sort of thing including one of my favourite City pub the Alhambra
  20. clint van damme

    Is this a wind up?