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  1. skybluetony176

    Third of the way to safety

    What a start to the season.
  2. skybluetony176

    Movies so bad that they’re good

    Randomly watched John Carpenters They Live the other day. A film that can only be described as so bad it’s good. Now looking for recommendations of other films that fall into this category.
  3. skybluetony176

    Now we’re 100% safe remember...’s all Robins fault. Championship football again next season. Again we kick on again with Robins as we have every season under him.Robins you legend.
  4. skybluetony176

    More points than our last championship season

    Just to put things into some sort of context with today’s win we now have more points than we finished the season on when we were relegated from the championship in 2012.
  5. skybluetony176

    Sports Personality of the Year

    Kind of tempted to vote for Tyson Fury. Just because he doesn’t want to win it.
  6. skybluetony176

    Sky Q and WiFi

    Just in the middle of changing over to sky Q. Got the router which they told us swap straight away but not the other hardware. Anyway, Ifollow was shit tonight and the router is the only thing that’s changed. I googled it and came across a few people claiming that the range of Sky Q router isn’t...
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    US Election playlist

    Post em up
  8. skybluetony176

    Grenfell files lost forever

    I’m calling BS on this one
  9. skybluetony176

    Right wing jokes

    With all the snowflake media moaning about their not being enough right wing comedy on TV in the interest of balance I thought it only right that we had a right wing joke thread on here. I’ll kick things off. How many Tories does it take to write a joke?
  10. skybluetony176

    Russia Report

    My. Who could have seen this coming
  11. skybluetony176

    Alternative Covers

    Was listening to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on the way home from work and remembered that there was a couple of alternative covers of it that I like. Namely and Any other alternative covers out there? Not necessarily of this song. Post em up
  12. skybluetony176


    Shitest year in living memory. Fact! And it’s only 3 months in. What next? I’m going for a catastrophic meteor strike.
  13. skybluetony176


    Just looking at some of the clubs records and we could well be breaking some this season. Most wins in a season and most points in a season being the two obvious ones. Could be a special special season.
  14. skybluetony176

    This news will send shockwaves around the globe

    Daredevil dies after crash-landing rocket In all seriousness though may he rest in peace. Harmless fruitcakes like this make the world a better place in their own little way.
  15. skybluetony176

    Drop a media bomb

    For the phone in tonight can as many people as possible phone in, text in, email in, tweet, Facebook etc. regarding the Wasps indemnity and how unreasonable and unjust it is. We can’t let this one go and the phone in is the ideal opportunity to make some noise.
  16. skybluetony176

    If there was a Wasps protest organised by the Trust

    Someone suggested that CJ’s poll was worded in a way that might lead people to vote no as many (myself included) wouldn’t step inside the Ricoh during a Wasps game for love nor money. So I’ve broke the vote down and if I’ve set it up right you should be able to vote for both inside and out. I’ve...
  17. skybluetony176

    Parking at Birmingham Wheels

    A heads up for anyone who’s been using Birmingham Wheels for parking on match days. I’ve just read on a motorsports forum that Birmingham City Council has just evicted all the businesses that operate from the site with pretty much immediate effect. Not sure if it’s going to effect match parking...
  18. skybluetony176

    Aren’t ASDA a bunch of...

    ...cunts. Seriously. What a shitty way to treat people.
  19. skybluetony176

    SBT’s general election poll

    Sorry, I know I’ve tailored it for the English vote.
  20. skybluetony176

    What’s with all the ads?

    Hey Nick. What’s going on with all the ads? Drop downs, ad at top of the page, ads between posts and ads at the bottom of the page. It’s like viewing the Coventry Telegraph site all of a sudden:)