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    The little things

    I have just watched the Reading game again on iPlayer. Simon Moore thinks Cov have a goal kick after 5 minutes or so of injury time. Most teams at that stage would probably settle on defending the corner to take a point. However Maatsen quickly kicks the ball to the player at the corner flag...
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    New shirt = more free-kicks?

    Has anyone noticed how stretchy the new home shirt is? There is a photo of Bong grabbing hold of O'Hare's shirt and it stretching outwards a fair distance. I am wondering if this will be an advantage as it will be more obvious to referees? Maybe we might get more penalties too?! Perhaps just...
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    Brandon Mason

    As has been alluded to in previous threads something must have happened behind the scenes. As has also been mentioned he is a better left back than wingback. However, given our predicament of having just one unproven and possibly ill / injured LWB (Josh Reid), surely we need to keep Brandon...
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    A Squad of 'Something to Prove'

    Maybe this can be said about every squad but it really stands out this year that there are so many of the squad with something to prove. Simon Moore has played second fiddle to some top keepers. Can he be a number 1? Can Dabo, Rose, Kelly, Jones and Godden overcome their injury troubles? Can...
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    McCallum to QPR

    Disappointed that we couldn't get him again if available on loan to the Championship
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    Who is missing?

    From the pre-season training pictures I haven't spotted Godden, Kelly, Dacosta, Jobello and Kastaneer. The first two will be injury recovery related. I assume the last two are those Robins referred to regarding the need to find other clubs? What about Dacosta? Not sure if I noticed Josh Reid either?
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    SBT Poets' Corner

    When back on the pitch In the Sky Blue shirt Joy will wipe away Previous hurt. The fans will erupt Singing your name. The rewards will come From the grit and the pain. With the ball at your feet Their heads will be messing, Dropping your shoulder And keeping them guessing. The skill and the...
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    I noticed Tyler Walker seemed to be using an inhaler just before the second half. I wonder whether he has asthma or whether it is post-COVID problems?
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    Ratings v Stoke

    Couldn't have dreamt of being on 51 points with 3 games to play. Great mental strength. Wilson 8 (motm. Two quick reaction saves that came at crucial times. Handling and decision making was good) Dacosta 6 (some great first time passes / crosses but frequently exposed at the back) McCallum 7...
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    Ratings v Barnsley

    What an energetic and disciplined performance. Tactically spot on. Wilson 8 (didn't have much to do but saved well when needed. Used his area well and his long kicks caused them trouble) Dacosta 7 (some wayward moments but definitely seems to have improved positionally) McCallum 9 (some...
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    Does anyone know why Hyam was missing from today's match-day squad?
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    High energy Cov players

    Although sometimes Callum O'Hare's end product can be frustrating, I am amazed at how he can maintain his energy levels game after game. His attitude is incredible. It made me wonder what other past players have played with the same energy levels and on such a consistent basis?
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    Part 2 of Season 85/86

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    Season 1985/1986 Part 1

    As there isn't a match for us today, a bit of reminisce may be helpful...
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    Season 1984/1985 Part 2

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    Season 1984/85 part 1

    I started supporting City as an 8 year old. My father and grandfather were lifelong supporters. I was living in South Wales and so after a few years my grandfather, living in Coventry began sending me The Pink. I couldn't wait to come home from school to see the rolled paper having arrived. I...
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    Ratings v Stoke

    A better defence / attack balance I thought. Wilson 7 (some sloppy moments with his feet but great reaction save first half and distributed well from hands) Dabo 9 (motm. Didn't give McClean a sniff and danced past players on numerous occasions. Great footwork) McCallum 7 (did enough...
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    Gutted about Kelly injury. What a difference he has made to the team. I can't see how he will be replaced. If it is his groin I can't see him being back before New Year.