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  1. skybluebelgium

    Sheffield Wed, Birmingham and Forest ...

    Need at least 6 or 7 points from those games. After these games we play against teams from the top half. February looks really difficult. PUSB !!
  2. skybluebelgium

    Southend & Bradford away now

    Southend, last 5 games, 4 wins and a draw, in form team. And Bradford away ... always ... very difficult for City.
  3. skybluebelgium

    George Thomas to Scunny

    Welcome back tomorrow :-) :-)
  4. skybluebelgium

    14 games left, 8 Home and 6 Away

    With the return of Beavon, Willis, Stevenson and maybe Stokes there's still a little bit hope. Next saturday is so important, 3 points, nothing less !!
  5. skybluebelgium

    Franck Moussa

    Quiet game yesterday or not ?
  6. skybluebelgium

    One win in 12 means team is not good enough, simple !!

    1 win in 12 means team is not good enough, nuff said.
  7. skybluebelgium

    Proschwitz ....

    Proschwitz made his debut in Belgium today, 1-2 win, scored both goals :o:pimp:
  8. skybluebelgium

    Assist JOB

    World pass for the 3the goal !! :claping hands: :claping hands:
  9. skybluebelgium

    Next 3 games = 9 points

    H Shrewsbury A Fleetwood Town H Blackpool
  10. skybluebelgium

    Beauty last night from (our) Robbie Keane Amazing, what a player and goalscorer he is !!!! :claping hands: :claping hands:
  11. skybluebelgium

    Tudgay yesterday

    What a great move for the penalty and what to say about the header for the 1-1 !! Class act !! :claping hands::claping hands: I would say ... keep him :D:D
  12. skybluebelgium

    The Football League Show tonight

    I'm really looking forward to it .... for once :p:p
  13. skybluebelgium

    Danny Wilson sacked !!

    Barnsley sacked Danny Wilson !!
  14. skybluebelgium

    Reda suffers another injury setback !!!!!

    :thinking about::thinking about::whistle::whistle:
  15. skybluebelgium

    Finally our first win without Reda !!

    And a clean sheet with a very very young back 4 !! GREAT !!! :claping hands::claping hands:
  16. skybluebelgium

    Reda (again) out for 3 weeks

    So no points than ?? :( :(
  17. skybluebelgium

    Relegation battle or not ....

    Atm I have no idea :jerkit: :jerkit:
  18. skybluebelgium

    Bradford - Yeovil 1-3

    Yeovil easy ?? :thinking about: No way !!! But at home .... we will win !! :)
  19. skybluebelgium

    We still need one win ...

    to stay up in .... League 1 !!! :thinking about: Times have changed :( Looking at the fixtures from the other relegation fighters, we still need 1 win ... but from which game ?