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    4 pt deduction for season just gone…. So relegation unless appeal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Academy still shines. The Academy continues to show its worth Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Chef Evans Anyone?

    Barton says he letting Evans go...over a number of issues on dressing room. I’m not that keen but is he worse than max or Baka ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NEWS: EFL launch 'SuperFans' campaign for the Sky Bet Play-Offs I see our very own Pat, from the family zone, is nominated as Coventry City superfan for the play off final. I know she was filmed and interviewed at Notts County and will be walking out at Wembley. Hope all the sky blue faithful...
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    Jacob Murphy

    Just seen he scored his 7th of season for Norwich. Also 6 assists. All at a higher level than last year. Not bad for a player often criticised by our fans. PUSB
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    Steve McKenzie (ex Man City and WBA

    Just had a chat with Steve re the current plight of CCFC and the loss yesterday. His words 'what would Jimmy Hill be thinking of all this...he would be turning in his grave'. He says he can't get his head around how the club have sunk so low..obviously remembers our good times in the old div 1...
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    Kenny jacket

    Before they showed us on FL show they asked jacket about where he was going and what he wanted. Didn't say where he was going but said he wanted to make a difference straight away...he would look to see what he could do immediately. Then show cut to city at charlton. Next time they went back to...
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    4 years time

    Just said on the Leicester champions league programme that 4 years ago this week Leicester lost to milwall in league one Not for a minute suggesting we will emulate that but it does show fortunes can change very quickly. So should we dream the impossible or should we lay down and accept we are...
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    Falling out of love....

    With the disaster that is CCFC at the moment: The never ending JR process The continuous battle between hedge funds for our soul The scandalous closing (probably) of a top Rate academy that nurtures local talent The endless 'he said' 'you said' nonsense about everything but the football The...
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    China: new football superpower?

    China announced today a plan to get the nation playing football. 20,000 new training centres, 75,000 new pitches, getting 50million playing the game and making football part of the education curriculum exposing 100million kids to football. Will that be enough for a challenge for the World Cup...