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    Sheffield United. Grr

    As a city fan of about 30 years, having experienced local hostilities before, during and after games involving many of our local rivals, is my hatred of Sheffield United (over any of our locals) evidence of globalisation, or my inability to let go of 'that' quarter final? Bastards!!! Sent...
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    Chris Anderson

    I have read The Numbers Game and loved it. I would urge you all to read it while acknowledging that I have some very nerdy characteristics! However, Anderson does come across as an analyst/researcher more than a day to day 'hands on' business (if that is what his role is) manager for me. I hope...
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    Spine of the Team

    I am feeling quite optimistic at the thought of Mowbray being given an opportunity, and I am praying that SISU make it a realistic one! What would be your realistic spine for this season? GK Def Mid Art Brought up on Oggy, Killer, Lloydy and Cyrille myself!