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  1. I'mARealWizard

    Didn't take the CET long to become SISU's puppet again

    What happened to SISU Out or Cov Stay campaign? Back in Tim Fisher's pocket today once more...
  2. I'mARealWizard

    US news reporter gives hilarious incorrect names of pilots of crash plane I'm not sure how to edit on this mobile site yet. Just click on the link. I'm fairly certain Captain Sum Ting Wong wasn't the first officer!
  3. I'mARealWizard

    ACL move things up a few gears

    Challenging Appleton Meeting the Football League on Monday
  4. I'mARealWizard

    Powell explains why ACL are suing NTFC

    Powell Explains Why ACL Are Suing Northampton By Covsupport News Service ACL Appointed Lawyer Expalins The solicitor acting for Arena Coventry Limited has explained why they are suing Northampton Town. Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Les Reid,*James Powell, of Walker Morris, said...
  5. I'mARealWizard

    Daft Punk RAM - new album

    Available to stream via iTunes or via naughty places for illegal naughty downloads. Any thoughts?
  6. I'mARealWizard

    Alan Poole's swearing and contempt for readers of the CT

    I am so outraged by his egocentric comments and attempts to deflect attention away from the fact that he isn't earning his wages that I just had to sign up and make a comment. No doubt it will be gone soon, but I just had to get it off my chest: I never respond to these videos, but Alan...
  7. I'mARealWizard

    Anyone else into the Brand New Heavies? They're back and funking ace!

    Their new single, featuring N'dea is called Sunlight. I heard it at their gig in Sydney last month and it's everything you could want from The Heavies and more. At the moment it's only available to those who've pledged here: But I'm very...
  8. I'mARealWizard

    Chief Executive of Ricoh Arena Company quits...

  9. I'mARealWizard

    New City Shirt sponsors Excuse my ignorance, but don't we have City Link, and that's one reason why the away kit was yellow and green this year? Or are there...
  10. I'mARealWizard

    Assange gets asylum in Ecuador granted

    Result! :D
  11. I'mARealWizard

    One reason why I think Android kicks iPhones ass... Animated wallpapers.

    Look at this beauty as your phone's background:
  12. I'mARealWizard

    What's the worst album you've ever purchased?

    :thinking about:
  13. I'mARealWizard

    The twatter who got arrested for making death threats against Tom Daley...

    ...aside from freedom of speech issues, or whether the police went too far, here is one of his YouTube videos What makes young people like this so angry? It's very distressing to see someone get so emotional about something that doesn't really...
  14. I'mARealWizard

    I've decided that the internet is filthy

    Try doing a Google Images search for 'Futurama Leela' (safe search off). There I was trying to find a decent picture for Draw Something... :thinking about:
  15. I'mARealWizard

    The Queen parachuting into the Olympic Stadium

    Hahahaha! :D
  16. I'mARealWizard

    St Swithin's Day tomorrow...

    Good luck with that! :wave:
  17. I'mARealWizard

    Thorn tells it like it is: Stop all the bickering

  18. I'mARealWizard

    Is it possible to 'unsticky'...

    Downtime Sorry Planned Downtime My OCD doesn't like all these sticky threads taking up the screen :wave: