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    CBS Arena parking

    anyone else having issues trying to book parking? feckin Glide website lets me get so far but doesn't recognise my login details, so I can't pay for it. any idea how much the "junk yard" parking is?
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    20 goals 20 goals is off the mark. This’ll piss some off for sure.
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    asking the EFL to relax the embargo ???.......................why the fuck should they do that? Derby cheated all the other teams in the EFL so let them suffer the punishment. Maybe Rooney thinks he's a special case? he's certainly a special something
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    Paul Mariner, died aged 68 of brain cancer, he had a glittering career mostly at Ipswich and for England. Way too young to die, but a lot of that era's players are having brain-related issues, like cancer and Alzheimers, Dominic Matteo also had a brain tumour but survived.
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    How come

    all the fans at the Euros can have alcohol in their seats?? I thought you weren't allowed to have drinks in the sight of the pitch, or is that only in domestic competitions?
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    Blackpool sign Reece James

    only it's Reece James, not the one we want!!! and before the insults start, it's silly sod season before the real signings start.
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    This is what we're up against/hoping for,

    Sheff Utd get £125m for being shite, which presumably has gone on wages, running costs etc, plus they also get parachute payments of £45m in the first year and pro-rata for 3 years. How do we compete with this next season?
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    How pleasant

    to come on here and find we're not all at each other's throats, no knives out and not even name-calling and insults, especially after yesterdays mauling. It's almost as if adults have taken over and sent the kids to bed. I think we should all be very pleased with our selves, and I reckon we've...
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    How about this

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    Membership / Season Tickets

    going on sale this week. Initial allocation c 8,000, £299 for an adult.
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    R I P Murray Walker

    Like lots of us , grew up with his commentary on F1, will be missed.
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    Next 5 games

    Middlesboro H Direby H Rotherham A Luton A Wycombe H got to be minimum 7 points for me
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    Is the season

    finally swinging in our favour, with regards to fitness and injuries? Several teams have players out due to injury just as we're getting ours back, Watford had Deeney out and looked toothless, Brentford had Toney out and looked lost, Swansea will have Morris and Bennett out tomorrow night...
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    Next 5 games

    Cardiff - A Norwich - H Brentford - H Swansea - A Blackburn - A five draws would do for me! However, I reckon 1 win and 1 draw will be our lot
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    Item Crawley

    Beating Leeds 3-0, will the BBC feckin leave the Sutton result alone mow
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    any techno geeks

    on here explain why the match thread and the Pulis thread haven't come up om my feed???
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    Match thread????

    is there one
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    New contracts

    needed soon for Kelly, McFadzean. Max and Baka................. who would get one and how long for??
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    I thought

    this was an interesting site for updates on injuries
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    Match thread

    For Blues tonight?