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    Why and When Photography campaign

    Hi All.. Just wanted to pass on the link to the Why&When campaign images. They can be downloaded from Green Knight Medias Facebook page all of the images are high resolution so please feel free to down load and share them. The object of the campaign is...
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    Id give him a go. If its a choice between the Curles and Brown's of this world then why not? He is very highly regarded as a coach and owes us one. He has worked under quality managers all of his life and if he is mad enough to actually want the job then crack on son!
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    Short List

    If the "short list" really does consist of Dickov, Curle, Barmby and An other we really are in a desperate state. Yes, I know we have no money and owners that would shame the mafia but if these are the best we can come up with what a terrible fall from grace that would be..
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    Transfer Embargo from midnight

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    I had waited all season for the Bournemouth game as Im one of the Dorset based Sky Blues. I had been away working and didn't get back into the UK until last night so was really pleased to see the result allied to the fact that I live with a Bournemouth fan who said that the SBA were loud and...
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    Oh for the days of Harry Storer

    Coventry City Manager History Manager Start Date End Date Andy Thorn 23 March 2011 25 August 2012 Adrian Boothroyd 20 May 2010 14 March 2011 Chris Coleman 19 February 2008 4 May 2010 John Harbin 11 February 2008 19 February 2008 Frankie Bunn 11 February 2008 19 February 2008 Iain Dowie 19...
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    Chiles, Reid, Southgate, Dixon and Ro**ins

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    Julian Darby first team coach at Forest!

    :facepalm: So, he really was a footballer after all...
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    Dorset Sky Blues and travelling City support. We salute you.

    I really enjoyed last night, not the scoreline obviously, but the great banter and laughs that a big crowd brings with it. I was in Block 13 and met some great people, they thought I was mad to travel from Bournemouth for a game. I told them that the lads I had come up with do it all the time...
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    Dorset/Bournemouth based Sky Blues driving up for JPT game at the Ricoh

    Morning all. Ive just managed to get my ticket and some time away from work to make the JPT game. Are there any fellow Sky Blues traveling up from Dorset/Bournemouth with a spare seat in their car? Im happy to contribute to the petrol coasts and a beer thrown in for good measure ;-)Many thanks.
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    Is there an iPad version of the match day magazine available? I've looked around and not been able to find anything. I think that it would be a great idea to have a magazine that could be viewed on the iPad it would be a great for us long distance fans like me and also those overseas. In fact...
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    A sense of pride connected with being a City fan right now

    I live in Bournemouth and have very many friends who are Saints supporters. After the Saints/City love in at St Mary's at the weekend, I've been inundated with best wishes for next season and congratulated by many on how fantastic our support is. In the midst off all the crap that's flying...
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    Bristol Ticket needed

    Hello all I'm based in Bournmeouth and looking for a Bristol ticket. Don't fancy going in the home end as You can't beat a good old Sky Blue away day gathering! Please pm me if anyone has an adult ticket going spare I would be very grateful indeed. PUSB!