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  1. robbiekeane

    Just need to be more clinical

    3rd in the league on average xG it seems. For those saying we don’t or haven’t competed etc. We really have been creating chances we just need to be more clinical and we would be absolutely flying.
  2. robbiekeane

    Is the United Kingdom a country?

    Is this a really dumb question? Wiki definition of the United Kingdom Wiki definition of England I have trouble explaining this to my American friends. Are they both countries?
  3. robbiekeane


    Back to his best today, forgot what a talent he is. Numerous times he had their left back/mid on toast. Got a few decent crosses in and love how stuck in he gets. Got a bit of a nasty streak in him too, love it. Did he sign a four year deal?
  4. robbiekeane

    Christian Eriksen

    Hope he gets through this. Awful awful. Thoughts with his family. Puts things into perspective
  5. robbiekeane


    Struggling with sleep atm badly. Obviously linked to some stress at work but sometimes even when I haven’t had a stressful day I just can’t sleep. Sometimes wake up in the middle of the night when I need to pee and then can take an hour to get to sleep if I can at all. Tried to put the phone...
  6. robbiekeane

    iFollow - iPad to TV

    Bit random but thought would share. I have always been pissed off that you can’t use airplay/screen mirroring to beam the game (or any of the highlights and interviews for that matter) to the TV from my iPad. I’ve always had either just watch on the iPad or had to use laptop and HDMI. Maybe not...
  7. robbiekeane

    Tell me why I’m wrong - vaccinate the vulnerable then let it rip

    Title says it all really...inviting the challenge. Vaccinate the vulnerable, obviously let anyone who still feels uncomfortable the continue to shield, then just open back up. Let life resume. Why is this the wrong thing to do? (Disclaimer: EDIT actually forget the disclaimer, we’re all adults )
  8. robbiekeane

    How do you ask people to keep their distance? Or do wear a mask?

    As in the title...when people are walking right next to you or are staying too close to you in a queue what do you do/say? Often I don't do anything but recently it's been pissing me off and i just turn around and say can you back off. Mixed responses - some wrong uns get all arsey. Same with...
  9. robbiekeane


    We really do have two fantastic finishers in Godden and Walker. That little dink by Walker was so composed, absolute class. Walker chases everything down to and is better in the air. Wonder if we can get them working as a two
  10. robbiekeane


    Nasty little bastard love him. Chat with Robins when he came off had the look on his face like “nah didn’t touch him dunno” When he got booked had no intention of going for the ball. Little shitbag drunk af
  11. robbiekeane

    Save our standards - MPs reject amendment Really pissed me off. Genuine question - how can they defend that? Am I missing something? Struggling to see a non-sinister reason for this and its something that I’m particularly...
  12. robbiekeane

    O’Hare’s goal

    Absolutely disgusting Him and Dabo are the best players I can remember playing for us. Such good signings and hope we can hold on to them for a while
  13. robbiekeane

    Take the knee

    Why are they a big fucking deal over the teams today not taking a knee?! QPR didn’t do it last week either but where was the uproar then? It’s a load of bollocks, I understand doing it once as a show of solidarity but these things get ridiculous when it becomes something you’re shamed into by...
  14. robbiekeane

    Champions league final

    Anyone got a dodgy link
  15. robbiekeane

    CCFC Face masks

    So given we are all going to be wearing masks for quite a long time (at least in the US), was looking at getting a CCFC face mask made. A friend of mine gave me a NY Yankees one that was pretty cool which made me think of it. You can get them custom made on Etsy and not that expensive. Custom...
  16. robbiekeane

    Strava watch

    Followed a few of the lads on strava. Calum O Hare is an animal. Got to be some kind of record
  17. robbiekeane

    Robins post match interview - style

    Has anyone seen it? Haha what’s up with the guy, looks like he fucking hates interviews. Has that reporter pissed him off before or something he snaps at him a couple of times... I mean the bloke is hardly full of cheer but yeesh. Tbf as long as we keep getting the results we are getting her...
  18. robbiekeane

    You love to see it

    Just feeling so good about being a city fan right now! - Great signings for the future (u23s) - Really promising talent development - When bigger teams come in for our players we seem to get really good deals - Best style of football I’ve ever seen coventry play - Serious harmony within the...
  19. robbiekeane

    Walsh, O Hare, Dabo

    I thought were fantastic today and have been our best outfield performers this season. Some of the link up play between Dabo and Walsh was great to watch. Anyway, question is, if we were to be a championship team come the summer, what do you think the chances would be of making either Walsh or...