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  1. Sussex Boy

    New Player Incoming - Leo Ostigard

    Yep, he's got one year left on his contract as he signed for 3 years back in August 2018. Albion haven't actually played a pre-season game yet to my knowledge - our first is against Chelsea this weekend. Therefore I'm not sure if many fans have seen him in action. For that reason Brighton fans...
  2. Sussex Boy

    New Player Incoming - Leo Ostigard

    Haha with my huge soft spot for the Sky Blues, I hope it goes without saying that I'll only ever come on here in peace!
  3. Sussex Boy

    New Player Incoming - Leo Ostigard

    Hi all, as a Brighton fan I thought I may be able to shed a tiny bit of light on Ostigard: We only got him a couple of years ago and like many have said, he's still very young at 20. He made almost 30 appearances for St Pauli last season whilst on loan. We've had a very good track record with...
  4. Sussex Boy

    New Stadium Announcement!!!!!!

    As a Brighton fan I echo this. We don't have any pubs at the Amex, so many fans arrive at the stadium bar at 1pm and stay until 6.30pm. Eases congestion hugely and like you said, spins a pretty penny for the club. In fact, my dad and I tempered how often we went to the Amex a few seasons back...
  5. Sussex Boy

    Post-goal celebration video from Ipswich end

    Evening all, You might remember me as the lifelong Brighton supporting fella who also follows Colchester Utd but has a big soft spot for Coventry as I lived there for 8 years until very recently. As I live in Suffolk and my wife had plans, I thought I'd take a trip down to Portman Road for...
  6. Sussex Boy

    Colchester fan in peace

    Afternoon all, Well played to your boys yesterday. Coventry were miles ahead in every department of the pitch and played some lovely football. If you'd wanted to you could have run out 5-0 winners on the day. Colchester, sadly, were very, very poor and only turned up to the races once the game...
  7. Sussex Boy

    Colchester fan in peace

    Stevenson is now hitting his stride with us. Technically talented and looks assured on the ball. Up until recently he'd been a fairly regular starter, though McGreal still didn't know his best team. Now he's beginning to field the same starting XI more or less and Stevenson is one of the first...
  8. Sussex Boy

    Colchester fan in peace

    Afternoon all, First posted in this forum a couple of years ago. Think it was when my lifelong team Brighton played you in the FA Cup (5th Round was it?). Lived in Coventry from 2010-2018 and have a soft spot for the Sky Blues. I've since moved to South Suffolk with my wife and now regularly go...
  9. Sussex Boy

    Interesting Article offering hope

    I don't know all the ins and outs of Coventry's predicament, but I think the comparisons between City and Brighton are less to do with Tony Bloom and the Amex, and more to do with the Gillingham/Withdean years for the Albion. Once we'd managed to oust Archer/Bellotti from the club, in a couple...
  10. Sussex Boy

    Brighton / Coventry

    Life-long Brighton fan in peace. I've lived in Coventry for 7 years so have a soft spot for the Sky Blues. Lots of people I know support Cov and it's really sad to hear from them about the demise of the club at the hands of SISU. I'm in my mid-twenties so I started watching the Albion when we...