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    Why our start is so important

    New years Day Match is against Luton at home and will be our 26th game of the season At this stage we would probably need to be on or around 41 points to be in play off contention This is 26 points from the next 19 games or something like Win 7 Draw 5 Lose 7 So to be in the race going into...
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    No idea what’s going on there One of the big promotions favourites but 3rd bottom with no wins in 6 Didn’t they have Ed sheeran backing them?
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    Taxi for robins - cant remember who kept repeating that ?

    clearly somebody who hasnt got a clue
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    Match packages

    Has there been any mention as to why not available ? is this impacting gates or is it increasing revenues ?
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    Reading manager and the 8 minutes

    so they complain about the extra minutes - if he wasnt getting himself booked in stoppage time, there would be no need for the extra minutes The ref was totally justified in adding on the extra time to extra time Reading and Forest before them used every trick to waste time - which i dont blame...
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    Joey barton

    Charged with beating his wife. Complete knob
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    Sutton united

    They are now in the EFL Guarantee that Max will return there
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    Sunderland finally realise Being slated by them. Revenge for Kevin Kyle is complete
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    new champions league format

    becoming less interesting as it goes on 36 teams in a league, where you only play 10 games top 8 go straight through, next 16 into a qualifier and then after the qualifiers into knockout need an extra 4 weeks out of the English season so probably kills the league cup 2 teams who do not...
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    Porto juve

    Great game Porto through but on a knife edge through out
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    Hamer in House of Horrors option

    Just saying!
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    Frank lampard

    being sacked today - announced shortly
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    Really think this season may also be curtailed We must keep on collecting points to stay clear of the bottom 3 Postponements and another potential lockdown they will struggle to play out the complete season before the euros
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    Norwich missing players

    Marosi De costa Rose Drysdale Mccallum Jobello Hamer Shipley Jones Godden Walker probably stronger than our 1st 11 today yet they moan about a weakened team
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    is he injured or now right down the list not in the u23s today ? not in the matchday squad
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    new shirt for members
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    Fans back at games

    So they are going back to October 1 plan to be allowed back into stadiums can’t see it happening. But fingers crossed
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    Televising Games in the championship

    So 1. All midweek games are already televised live . There will be more of these this year, due to the shortened calendar 2. A selection of weekend games will also be shown live so maybe a third of all of our games will be on sky Wondering how this will work alongside Ifollow and the ability...
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    Roger van gool

    watching itv Forest European champions Van gool on fire who did we sign? must have been his brother
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    back training next week

    just mentioned on portsmouth commentary = No holiday for Robins as training beginning next week