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  1. fatso

    Lazer Pen

    Did you see someone shone a lazer in schmeichel's eyes as he was preparing to face the penalty, I hope they find the [email protected]#t who did it and ban the twat for life. Total madness!
  2. fatso


    When England won the world cup in 1966, we didnt conceed a goal until the semi final which we won 2-1 I'm just saying!!!
  3. fatso

    Ryan Giles

    Having lambasted people for constantly banging on about former players, it would now appear that Ryan Giles could be about to be released from Wolves on a free transfer! The lad is still only 21, and has got to be worth a punt, even if only as a squad player.
  4. fatso

    unbelievably honest insight.

  5. fatso

    Paul Tisdale

    top bloke, spoke very well when interviewed after the game, congratulated city, and said our goals were top class and the quality was the difference. He didn’t moan about refferees or anything, and praised Robbins and his team. How refreshing to hear such an honest interview, even when he must...