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    Street Parking near the CBS

    Does anyone have a map of how far I can park out without being fined?
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    Club Shop Vouchers

    Does anyone know if you can apply more than one to a transaction. Got 1x£25 and 2x£10. Not keen on having to process 3 separate orders given the cost of postage versus the 2x£10 vouchers....! Thanks Alex
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    Forest Away Allocation

    I se they've only been given 1100. Is this COVID related as I'm sure they'd sell a lot more (despite it being on Sky) given it's the first away game in 18 months. Are we missing vital ticket sales here?
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    Training Wear

    Just noticed some nice stuff out (for those whole like this sort of thing): The Anthem Jacket looks great (although pricey!)
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    Gener8 Web Browser

    Did anyone else see this on Dragons Den recently? I signed up two weeks ago and have earned around 200 points (worth £20 in Amazon Vouchers) from normal browsing (additionally I earned 50 points for my first referral and 10 points for my second referral) so it's more like about £6-£7 a week...
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    Club Shop Postage

    £2.50 this weekend and some decent bargains for those put off by the normal high postage charges.
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    6 Game Mini Season

    A lot of hype but the way I look at it, we need 8 points from 6. Doing so means: Wycombe can't catch us as can only get 48 points if they win their last 5. Sheffield Wednesday almost certainly can't catch us as they will need to win their last 5 to hit 50. That means to get to 50: Derby need...
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    Shirts to Purchase

    Hi All, Thanks to those who have helped me before I'm looking to purchase shirts if anyone has any they are willing to sell to help complete my collection back to 1990. I'm struggling a bit with those now remaining If anyone can help, please PM me. I'm ideally after size Medium but also...
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    Season Tickets - Rallying Cry!

    Best opportunity in years to convince old mates, family friends, etc to get a season ticket. The price is right and the quality could be right up there (assuming we stay in The Championship). Group of mates who've stopped going in the last few years? Convince them to have more lads days out...
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    Squad Improvements 21-22 (assuming Championship)

    This is on the strong assumption we don't lose anyone: Left Back Experienced Centre Half - almost a younger McFadz upgrade Centre Forward - Biamou upgrade (Biamou would ideally be on the bench with Baka released) O'Hare competition - feel we are light in this position should he be not fit...
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    Mine Pi - Crypto

    Please delete if now allowed - contains a referral link Is anyone else on here use MinePi on their phone? I've been using a few days and seems genuine. Note it isn't free money and isn't advertising as being so. Who knows, if it takes off one day, you may own some units of Pi that will be of...
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    Away Shirts - Looking to Purchase

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase away shirts if anyone has any they are willing to sell. I have the majority of home shorts back to 1990 (missing 98-99 Home) but am quite light on away shirts. If anyone can help, please PM me. I'm ideally after size Medium but also willing to get Small or...
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    Coventry shirt collection

    Hi All. Looking to 'complete' the home shirts back to 1989 but missing: - 1993/94 (white sponsor) - 1998/99 Ideally size medium. If anyone can help, feel free to PM me. As an aside I have a spare medium 89-91 that I'd be willing to ride for the 93/94 shirt.
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    FA Cup

    Took it for granted for so many years, but being able to join in Round 3 is great!
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    Most Shocked About A Result

    Both Good and Bad! Good: Coventry 3-2 Manchester United. At that time it just seemed Man Utd were unbeatable. Pretty sure they were top of the league and we were 18th or 19th. Expected a 0-2/0-3 reverse. A magical day in the end. Bad: So many to choose from. Worcester at home is the...
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    New Shirt(s) 2020-21

    Any news on release dates, design, etc? Presumably based on the price we will keep the Two-Tone kit as the 3rd shirt for at least part of the season. I've noticed old shirts on eBay are going up in price (those still in work but nothing to spend money having spare cash) so the club probably...
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    Next seasons kit

    How about the club do something like this to raise cash in these difficult times? Hearts unveil new kit featuring all 8,000 names of supporters who rescued club Appreciate any suggestion people will say we shouldn't be looking to raise cash during these times but at the end of the days it's a...
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    Club Store

    Anyone else having issues? A couple of weeks ago my sister ordered the home and away pair of baby vests. Payment was taken and then 5 days later an email was sent to say it had been cancelled as it was out of stock. Yesterday I ordered two baby sleepsuits and a jacket for myself. I got an email...
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    Shirts - Baby Sizes

    Hi Guys, A bit of a random one, but does anyone have any Baby sized CCFC Shirts/Kits available second hand that they are looking to sell? My twin boys are 9 months old so anything in 6-12m or 12-18m would be ideal. (aware you can buy this season on the official but I simply can't justify £80...
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    Rotherham Away Tickets

    Any idea on the likely release date of these and the expected allocation? Have a membership this year which I'm hoping will be enough to sneak me a ticket to this (although only if the allocation is half decent!)