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    How are you feeling now Hope you get better soon !!
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    Probably busy booking that taxi for Robins 😉
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    Millwall v Coventry Song Review. Please watch! I got it out within 2 half hours, Otis!!

    You are the man ! Wait until we get into the Premier League
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    Match Thread Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Sky blue kit on a sky blue day Great turnout from the SBA PUSB and believe !!
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    Gus's Yellows

    What will be, will be Everything happens for a reason.
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    Phil Upton exlusive

    It will be an interview with Joy telling us nothing new but how proud we are to be back in Cov and we love the fans etc
  7. bawtryneal

    Craig Bellamy

    Sympathies regarding his depression but " once a ****, always a **** "
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    Would a premier league team come in for Robins?

    Don`t think he will leave of his own volition in the next 3 or 4 years He told me that he is staying just to wind Grendel up and that is his leading motivation is to prove him wrong !!
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    Robins lives in a small village just outside Belper
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    U23 v Millwall

    Thought JJ and Godden would have played 45 mins Both must be lacking match fitness
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    Simple question my friend ..... Based on the first 6 games are you happy with progress to date this season ?
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    Bright and Robins

    It will be one of two scenarios They will either be going through the formal consolation period to ensure they don`t have a claim for unfair dismissal or he will have been suspended for a short period and they will be considering whether to give him a second chance This has probably already...
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    Bright and Robins

    One thing is for sure, is that Bright doesn`t live up to his name.
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    Todd Kane

    Maybe Mason and Shippers
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    Todd Kane

    Er, because he is still training with QPR and is in and around the dressing room so would pass on any info.
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    Todd Kane

    Would have signed last week but QPR didn't want him to sign before our game.
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    Match Thread QPR (A) Match Thread - 28th August - 3PM Kickoff

    Are you actually at the match !!
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    Amazing news, help needed.

    Appreciate its not on the list but has to be Tommy after the great Mr Hutchinson or maybe Dion if the baby is black !!
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    Match Thread Barnsley Away Match Thread

    It can't be a working Mens club as most of them are on benefits.
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    First name on the team sheet

    Clarke - Slater