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  1. PUSB-We_are_going_up

    Match Thread Cardiff - Home - wednesday the 15th

    Will be a decent game Im going 2-1 CCFC
  2. PUSB-We_are_going_up

    Bilel Jkitou

    Former striker for Red star turned Boxer has offered to play for us the day after he “beats Sam Eggington” Thoughts:
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    Striker partnership

    What is your preferred partnership up top personally I prefer Walker and Gyökeres
  4. PUSB-We_are_going_up

    Elliot Watt
  5. PUSB-We_are_going_up

    Matty Longstaff

    Has been made available for loan by Newcastle and many Championship clubs have offered, would we like to see him here?
  6. PUSB-We_are_going_up

    Todd Kane
  7. PUSB-We_are_going_up

    Alan Browne

    Is not a rumour just questioning Preston, with him and the Preston fans having a confrontation
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    Championship Team Stats

    Ive seen this on my socials is most xg scored good I cant remember?
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    League predictions for CCFC

    Where do you think we will finish with the current team, this can be subject to change after we have made more signings
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    Read an article probably BS but it says both Rangers and West Brom have met the Sky Blues valuation of £4million, if this is true then they have accepted that quick which means we could probably get more so it is more than likely BS
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    Loan Players

    Just see this on instagram and thought what other loan players have we “fallen in love with”
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    Is good seems as though Bolton rate him a lot!?
  13. PUSB-We_are_going_up

    Bersant Celina
  14. PUSB-We_are_going_up

    Calm down!

    For those worrying about no signings or announcements so far this could be a good thing as we are taking more time to make sure we dont get duds and that the players fit how we want to play, there is an international competition going on and our staff are on holiday as are our targets I imagine.
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    Older or Younger?

    What should we be looking at more experience or sticking to the business mould??
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    Preferred area of strength

    What area do you think needs most attention, imo probably the defense
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    What do you think
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    Hamer’s dip

    Wonder what has happened, whether he is tired (probably not), whether we are now playing more around Ohare than Hamer or is it just he is being found out now as teams have had time to study him or has Mark Robins told him to play shit so that he doesnt get poached
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    Defensive reinforcements

    So I made a thread on strikers now talk away
  20. PUSB-We_are_going_up

    Strikers next season

    Who to sign? Who to sell? Who to start?