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  1. Blind-Faith

    Things that annoy you

    Exactly! Plus not EVERYONE benefits from this, a pay rise across the board would of been fair and much much much better
  2. Blind-Faith

    Things that annoy you

    15 months sobriety under my belt so grey goose and cocaine probably off the table Though if you’ve got any numbers for those hookers send me a message 😂
  3. Blind-Faith

    New Chant for Viktor and Matty

    Horny horny horny!
  4. Blind-Faith

    Loan Watch

    Just seen the goal, another well taken finish from cash man 👍
  5. Blind-Faith

    Things that annoy you

    Works summer party this afternoon with a big announcement planned. Turns out the bosses have purchased two brand new static caravans down in Dorset so all staff can have a free holiday. An absolutely top notch gesture , although after going on the website and seeing they are for sale at 55k...
  6. Blind-Faith

    Match Thread Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Ok I didn’t realise that I must admit , but I’m hoping for repeat again today however unlikely 👍
  7. Blind-Faith

    Who Would You Invite ?

    Rachel Riley , Rachel Riley , Rachel Riley , Rachel Riley + Taylor Swift
  8. Blind-Faith

    Match Thread Millwall (A) Match Thread

    They got a few out injured, we’re on form, surely an away win is on the cards? Hoping they played like they did at there place last season, they were absolutely dire! PUSBS!!!!! 🙏⚽️
  9. Blind-Faith

    Most valuable player - so far

    Moore and Vik are joint top, followed by ohare I would say. Also hamer , Hyam, mcfadz , Dabo. What a team we have!
  10. Blind-Faith

    Song creation thread

    Simple and brilliant, this has got to be a starter surely???
  11. Blind-Faith

    Jamie allen

    I was trying to figure it out myself last night, I can only think that he’s gone away and worked hard on his fitness and the other being we must be playing slightly different tactics , because he was everywhere last night. Interceptions , winning headers , tackling back, putting through balls...
  12. Blind-Faith

    The best team since prem relegation

    Best football I have seen us play since I started supporting us first year we were in the old division one. As someone else said above , maybe not the best squad we’ve had, but the best team it most certainly is. We seemed to have cut out the silly mistakes that cost us goals last year , so...
  13. Blind-Faith

    Player Ratings

    Moore 8 Dabo 5 Maatsen 7.5 Hyam 9 McFadzean 9 Clarke-Salter 9 Hamer 7 Allen 9 motm ( never EVER thought I’d say that! ) O'Hare 7 Waghorn 7.5 Gyokeres 9
  14. Blind-Faith

    Danny Cashman.

    Great little finish that, was almost Godden-esque
  15. Blind-Faith

    Humble pie

    I’ll take a slice of the pie tonight. Jamie Allen is looking a different player this season. Quite happily proven wrong 👍
  16. Blind-Faith


    Said this in the car on the way home , our biggest problem is going to be replacing him, absolutely bossing it this season 👍
  17. Blind-Faith

    Player ratings

    Moore - 9 motm JCS - 8 Hyam - 8 Mcfadz- 8 Dabo - 8 Maatsen- 7 Hamer- 7 Allen- 8 O’hare- 7 Gyok- 8.5 Waghorn- 8
  18. Blind-Faith

    Match Thread Boro' Match Thread

    2-1 city Victor and Dabo to get on the score sheet 😂
  19. Blind-Faith

    U23 game at Higgs today 1pm

    Sounds like somebody knows something?? 😜
  20. Blind-Faith

    Things that annoy you

    Fucking cyclists full stop 😉