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  1. fatso

    Millwall ratings

    But the vast majority of people will rate over a 5 point spread (5-9) you would expect something quite outstanding to fall below 5 or above 9, hence half points become useful to demonstrate a slightly better performance between different players. ( just my over pedantic own opinion 👍)
  2. fatso

    Todd Kane interview in The Sun

    Not at all, my point is there's different kinds of "Hard" And compared to rugby players, or even struggling single parents (or any one who has struggles in life) I do t think pro footballers are hard in any way.
  3. fatso

    Crowd v Peterborough

    If it's a sky red button game, it might knock a thousand or so off the gate, I'm thinking around 18k would be good.
  4. fatso

    New Chant for Viktor and Matty

    Feed the Yok and he will score !
  5. fatso

    Todd Kane interview in The Sun

    Wtf, Hawking lived over 20 years longer than all the medical "experts" said he would, the man literally fought his disease for years, people dont come any fucking harder than him!
  6. fatso

    Why our start is so important

    You just answered your own question. Not very bright are you.
  7. fatso

    Match Thread Millwall (A) Match Thread

    4-0 city, easy peasy lemon squeezy ! Oh what fun it is to see City win away!!! We are going up, we are going up! Robins is our king! Feed the Gyak and he will score ! He's Brazilian ..... Cant wait !!!
  8. fatso

    Why our start is so important

    Dare to dream !!! No one who succeeded at anything started off dreaming of mediocrity, it's exactly that kind of attitude that allowed our players to underachieve for over 30 years in the top flight, remember how we used to win our last 3 games every season to survive, and we always did it...
  9. fatso

    Most valuable player - so far

    They might be regretting selling him now! I think the issue is that premier league teams have massive squads and if your not first choice you dont get game time, and they dont have the time to develop their own players in the first team. So loans are often the way, and after playing first...
  10. fatso

    Most valuable player - so far

    Gyokeres is WAY more indispensable than any other player. Followed by, O'hare Hamer Mcfadzeen Dabo Hyam. We will do well to hang on to Victor in January if his form continues. Premier league teams will be aware of him, and big powerful centre forwards who can also score are a rarity, and...
  11. fatso

    Gus's Yellows

    Is it just a 1 match ban at this early stage in the season? And I wouldn't want to be without Hamer and Dabo at the same time.
  12. fatso


    QPR away was a bit of a turning point. I think the players had a meeting on their own afterwards and a few home truths were aired. But either way the Improvement since then has been amazing, and good recruitment has enhanced things further.
  13. fatso

    Jamie allen

    He's certainly come back fit and determined this season, but I have to say having Gyoketes and Waghorn up front has given him options to find that he never had last season. The movement, pace and control that the front 2 add makes us far more dynamic, and because we have a threat now...
  14. fatso

    Hughton sacked...could MR be a target ?

    Fuck me, your a fine one to talk!!! 😉
  15. fatso

    Hughton sacked...could MR be a target ?

    I'm very chill thanks, but are you going to ask the same question every time a football league manager gets sacked?
  16. fatso

    Simon Moore

    Simon is Moore better !
  17. fatso

    Hughton sacked...could MR be a target ?

    No, they arnt a big club, and they dont have shit loads of cash, the transfer window has closed, and their squad is shit, and they are going down! How many more reasons do you want? This thread is boring clickbait !
  18. fatso

    Simon Moore

    I dont think he even got his shirt dirty last night, he will probably just fold it up and save in for Millwall on saturday!
  19. fatso

    Just because there’s always a chance for a moan…

    How the fuck are we going to build a new stadium, when we can’t even organise our ticketing?
  20. fatso

    Phil Upton exlusive