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  1. bawtryneal

    Feb 27th 1999

    Tomorrow is my 60th birthday and made me think of my birthday in 1999 with my father at Villa Park and winning comfortably 4-1. Dion Dublin scored for them, think it was a penalty. It was mayhem outside the ground afterwards but a great atmosphere and went back to Dunchurch for a few beers to...
  2. bawtryneal

    Fankaty Dabo

    He must be the best signing of the last 5 years and now worth several million. If we hold on to him for the rest of the season we will finish top 10.
  3. bawtryneal

    Seasons Expectations Quiz

    Have a guess and nearest wins a prize at the end of the season. League Position. 8th League Cup. 5th Round FA. Cup. 5th Round Most goals scored. Tyler Walker Goals conceded. 48 Most League Apperances. Ben Sheaf. I will decide a points system and publish later this weekend
  4. bawtryneal

    Transfer Rumour Diego Maradona

    There is no truth in the rumour that Maradona is in talks with CCFC with a view to a 17 year contract.
  5. bawtryneal

    Easter Monday

    Home to Oxford Win the match and we could be celebrating Let's hope Coronavirus doesn't spoil the party. PUSB !!!
  6. bawtryneal

    M1 North Lads

    Any of you lads still out there ..... Remember that day on Sky and all the away trips all those years ago Fancy meeting up for the Donny Rovers away game and a few beers.
  7. bawtryneal

    Hope SISU have deep pockets.

    Championship 'bubble waiting to burst' with clubs posting record losses in Premier League 'gamble' Interesting article regarding championship clubs Doesn't bode well for us if we ever get promoted under current owners.
  8. bawtryneal

    Full Squad

    With Pask playing 45 mins yesterday and Godden , Allen and JJ on their way back and all ready for full 90 minutes soon Robins has practically a full squad to select from. Only really leaves Jobello who would make the 1st team in the treatment room. All bodes well for the rest of the season and...
  9. bawtryneal

    Bright Enobakahre

    2 substitute apps for Wigan so far this season No assists and no goals. Football is a funny old game. Wonder if he and Wolves are happy with his progress. Mind you, where would he fit into our team?
  10. bawtryneal

    Glad you are here

    Jamie Allen Callum OHare Matty Godden Wesly Jobello
  11. bawtryneal

    Football in 2019 summed up !!

    Just got home after work and put on SNN on the TV Bury and Bolton on brink of liquidation and Manchester United loaning out Sanchez for £11 million for the season. Absolute madness and if something is not put in place to stop the top 10 or 15 teams in Europe spending ridiculously mind blowing...
  12. bawtryneal

    Call to Arms first game of the season.

    First home game of the season at St Andrews everybody needs to get there backside to our new home ground and support Mark Robins and the team he is putting together. Show MR we are all behind his team before he has second thoughts on moving on If anybody needs help getting to the game in...
  13. bawtryneal

    Message for CCC

    I was kindly invited to Bramall Lane on Monday night for a celebration dinner for SUFC promotion. I have never had any time for the Blades and their fans but it was a nice offer from a close friend, so I went along not being one to turn down a meal and a bottle of good wine. Anyhow, getting to...
  14. bawtryneal

    Cov Mad site.

    What's happening with Cov Mad No post since Friday.
  15. bawtryneal

    Don't forget everybody.

    We want SISU out Fisher is a **** Joy is a witch NOPM And two for Grendel after last night Burge is a crap keeper Biamou can't hit a barn door PUSB Hope you all get your tickets sorted in next 48 hours.
  16. bawtryneal

    Tom Davis

    The Sunday Times suggesting he could be banned for Friday second leg as the EFL will use video evidence for the alleged stamping. Let's hope not as he was immense last night.
  17. bawtryneal

    So frustrating being a Cov fan

    Can you think of anything more frustrating The one major thing in my life that I care about but cannot influence Drives me crazy.
  18. bawtryneal

    Discipline the key

    No bookings for Kelly or Doyle after two games. Keeping them on the pitch with no suspensions will be the key to us winning the league in my opinion. Doyle has history of clocking up 10 bookings a season which means three or four game suspensions.
  19. bawtryneal

    Turnball to Partick Thistle on loan

    Strange one !!! MR cannot rate him at all or bust up behind the scenes.
  20. bawtryneal

    Penalty Taker

    Looks like we have a professional penalty taker in McNulty. Has been a massive frustration of mine over the last 4 or 5 seasons. Let's hope he gets 10 out of 10 next season.