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  1. Skybluedar

    CovTweetLeague Returns

    Good Evening, A quick note that the CovTweetLeague is back after a 2 year hiatus. For anyone unfamiliar with it, this is a free-to-play prediction league for all Sky Blues fixtures (league and cups). You receive 3 points for a correct scoreline and 1 point for a correct result. Our updated...
  2. Skybluedar


    I think this is a very smart move. If he can force his way into a L1 team over his loan spell, it will undoubtedly be extended or there will be bids for him. Either way it will drive up his value as I cannot see him playing for us in the Championship. One way or another I reckon this is likely...
  3. Skybluedar

    McDonald to be sold ?

    He is being replaced by a new signing. A defender will very likely sign before a striker,
  4. Skybluedar

    McDonald to be sold ?

    Robins said he wanted to improve at CB. he sells our worst CB and intends on bringing in a better one. Hopefully we will be looking at a great bit of business when his replacement is signed.
  5. Skybluedar

    Motor Vehicle for Robins

    This was a tongue in cheek quip at those slating everything Coventry City. I am sure that you realise my point was that we have the least goals conceded in the division. What good is Cambridge’s clean sheets record when they’ve leaked 18 goals more than we have?
  6. Skybluedar

    Motor Vehicle for Robins

    Quick question - does anyone know which team has the best defensive record in League 2?
  7. Skybluedar

    Pre Season Gallery / Greg Moorhouse on Trial

    It should be fairly obvious that the NI league (that Glenavon play in) is not the same as the League of Ireland (where Gary Deegan previously played for Bohs).
  8. Skybluedar

    CWR Phone In

    It's all sense that is being spoken on the phone in... Just how much of a cut to the budget has Mowbray had to deal with? The sheer number of players that have left the club and how many we've brought in... It's shocking. TM talked about having a team of our own players and then complimented by...
  9. Skybluedar

    Gould's take on the loan system...

    No he hasn't got much of a point. The majority of the goals we have scored have come from loan players. Likelihood is Armstrong is the only player that potentially might not be extended so we replace him. Kent should stay. Murphy has just won November's player of the month and Armstrong is far...
  10. Skybluedar

    Behind closed doors friendly

    Ben Stevenson is an Academy player. The trialist was a substitute who came on and scored. No mention of who he is/was...
  11. Skybluedar

    Realistic good signings.

    Having listened to Reda's only interview since signing, it is clear that it took some convincing from Mowbray and needed to be backed up by some signings. He didn't want empty promises but action taken and he waited until he saw it. It sounds like TM gave him some assurances about a prolific...
  12. Skybluedar

    Retained/released list

    Had been wondering how many posts before someone mentioned Bangura. Seems to have become a forgotten man since his first few games in U21`s and Kieren Crowley never mentioned him in the end of season Nii Lamptey show. Would expect he is not in the managers' thoughts for next season.
  13. Skybluedar

    Byng the mysterious - he tweets

    What can SISU possibly still be around for. The lack of investment in the squad makes it clear that a return to even the championship is not their ambition. Crowds down to record lows along with the team's league position... I just cannot see any reason other than to literally leaving the club...
  14. Skybluedar

    Byng the mysterious - he tweets

    That's what it looks like he is saying alright. If that's the case 50% ownership of the ground with a takeover of the club could be a viable option if he has someone genuinely interested. Reality is it wouldn't take much more than a reasonable playing budget and a good manager to get us out of...
  15. Skybluedar

    My Promise

    Living in Dublin I am unable to get to many games but I love nothing more than flying over and enjoying a game and heading back on a Saturday. Well I used to. My last game was at home against Preston shortly after we moved back to the Ricoh and it was probably the worst game of football I've...
  16. Skybluedar

    Leon Clarke

    What we badly need if we want to start to climb the table is goals. Clarke would guarantee us that, albeit he would come with the usual disclaimer that it may take some time until his fitness reaches the required levels due to lack of game time but seeing how good he is at L1 level I wouldn't...
  17. Skybluedar

    allsop or burge ?? (football thread-sky blues)

    I think initially Allsop but a good game from Burge in the cup or if Allsop is injured and Burge might get a run. If the new lad loan to Nuneaton turns out to be a class act, he might find himself close to the first team in January.
  18. Skybluedar

    next signing??

    Yes only 31, hardly past it for a proven Goalscorer is it? What age did Kevin Phillips play his last professional season in Championship, 39?
  19. Skybluedar

    next signing??

    Tudgay is only 31 and has experience, scorers goals wherever he goes. Could be great for us at L1 level. I would still be very underwhelmed if we don't sign a young striker for cash from L1/L2 who is in form and looks like proving 20+ goals next season.
  20. Skybluedar

    City Poised To Sign 2nd Keeper

    Was this deal ever completed?